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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shopping and Giving Back All at Once

So I am obsessed with the idea of making my shopping purchases count for something more than just shopping.  I love the idea of getting things that I want/need and giving to charity at the same time.  I'm sharing just a few of my favorite things from each of these places as well.

Tom's Shoes--This is my new obsession.  I plan on purchasing pairs for my kids and as I buy shoes for myself I plan on all of them being Tom's.  There's nothing better than giving back in my opinion and I love the laid back and comfortable style of their shoes.  They give a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes that you purchase.

Tom's Eyewear--That's right Tom's expanded their brand and now they give back by offering a pair of glasses to someone in need with every pair of glasses that you purcahse from them.

Since I am mentioning shoes, I guess I should mention that Sketchers is trying to do the same thing, donating a pair of shoes.  I do have a problem with the fact that they created Bob's shoes and that they are a rip off design of Tom's Shoes.  I will not post links here b/c this is my blog and I hate the idea of stealing someone else's design and business ideas.  Sorry Sketchers but the least you could have done is design your own line of shoes instead of ripping off someone else's.

(RED)--This company has been around for a while.  When I was younger they had the awesome bracelets in Bath and Body works that supported AIDS research.  I bought one of these with one of my first paychecks when I was just sixteen.  Sadly this bracelet got ripped off and someone stole it from me, um thanks to whoever did that.  I never replaced it but it is currently on my Christmas list as something that I want again this year.  Their brand has expanded and there are a ton of additional awesome products at their store.

INSPI(RED) Ladies T-Shirt by (RED)
The Feed Foundation features this amazing bag for $100

One and RED bracelets!
ONE and (RED) Beaded Bracelet

This is the coolest thing ever and something that some people on my Christmas list will be getting.  It is a charge pack for your iPhone that you put on your keychain so you can charge your phone anytime.  How awesome is that???  Best of all, this version of the charger is just $35

Apple has even teamed with (RED) and there is an iPod Nano, and cases for your iPad or iPad 2.

They have the cutest bags and the profits go towards feeding people globally.  You can choose where you are going to send your money and what people you are going to feed by the stuff that you purchase.
My favorite is this FEED Bridal bag
I really think that if Shane and I decide to get married one day that I would like to do the entire wedding in recylced goodies and things like this that go towards supporting charity.

This library bag is really cool too and something that is very affordable.

This amazing trick or treat bag is just $12 and since it is made from burlap you know it is going to last.  I love these!!

The dirty hippie in me needs the FEED peace bag!  I love this one!!

There are some awesome t-shirts that would look great in a family picture with everyone wearing some Tom's.  I sense our future family pictures here!!!

I see Huxley in this one!

I see Adeline wearing this!

I see Althea wearing this one!

Andrew wearing this one!

Shane wearing this one!

And myself in this one!

These would be the cutest family pictures that I can imagine, so now off to look for some more writing work so that I can purchase them!  LOL!

www.lovemycharity.com is like an Ebay without bidding.  Here you get to list your items, list the charity that you want to support, and what percentage of your money is going to be given to the charity.  It is a great way to get rid of your old things while supporting a good cause at the same time.

BogoLight Project--This is where you purchase one rugged solar powered light and one gets donated to someone in need around the world.

The One World Futbol Project has an item for you to buy that every soccer mom needs.  They have a soccer ball that never goes flat and when you purchase one, one goes to a community in need.

Baby Teresa is a company that will send on baby outfit to a baby in need when you purchase one for your baby.  Best of all, they are really really cute baby clothes.

Blanket America sells blankets and other linens and one goes to charity for someone in need when you purchase one.

Warby Parker offers another buy one get one glasses, you purchase your frames and a pair are donated to a charity.

Happy Blankie features adorable animal blankies and was created by a seven year old.  It is a great company who is going to offer a blankie to be loved by a child in need when you purchase one.

Whitten Grey offers a Little Grey Dress Project which offers a dress to a little girl in need when you purchase products.

One Million Lights offers solar powered lights to someone in need when you purchase one for yourself.

FIGS makes bows and ties for men and offers a child in need a uniform for school with every one that you purchase.

Roma boots offers a one for one project where a child in need gets a pair or rainboots so that they do not have to ever experience wet feet and be uncomfortable.

Green Irene will be offering buy one give one products for twenty different items. 

Smile Squared offers a donated toothbrush for every toothbrush that is purchased.

Loved Twice offers products for newborns like changing pad covers and donates one to a newborn in need when you purchase one.

One of One Clothing Company will donate articles of clothing for every one that you purchase.  They offer some super cute t-shirts for normal t-shirt prices.

If you know of more companies, post the links!!!

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