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Monday, December 17, 2012

Cosmo Vox Box!

So I have been a member of Influenster, this awesome online community where you review up can coming products and I must say that my Cosmo Vox Box was awesome.

In the Vox Box there were a variety of products that I was lucky enough to test out.

Venus Embrace Razor and Oil of Olay Razor Blades
These were awesome.  I have long been a fan of the Venus razor (more about this in a future dedicated blog post).  However I had not tried the specific embrace refill or the Oil of Olay blades before and I must say that the Oil of Olay is my new favorite razor blade.  I have had problems because I get bad razor burn.  With these razor blades there was no razor burn for me.  This was amazing!

Pilot FrixIon
The Pilot FrixIon is the best pen that I have ever written with and this is saying a lot because as a writer I love writing in pen and I love having pens that are nice.  This has quickly surpassed all other pens in my opinion and it writes quickly and easily with very smooth lines.  I will write more about my eternal struggle to find the perfect pen and you can see if you like it as much as I do.

Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape
The Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape was amazing.  I love chocolate and sea salt and since this is my new obsession I was super excited to see this as one of the things in my Vox Box.  I have loved Ghirardelli for a long time and found them to be my favorite chocolatier so as they have started making their products available in all stores and locations it has been excited to see amazing flavors of chocolate like this one.

Forever Red from Bath and Body Works
Forever Red is a charming new fragrance from Bath and Body Works and surprisingly one that I will actually wear.  I say surprisingly because I am not a huge fan of fragrance.  It has now made my list of perfect fragrance choices for me that his short because I am just not a fan of overpowering or floral scents.  Again you can read more about this on my perfect choice for fragrance blog post that will be posted in the future.


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