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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Easter Shopping??

Who has started Easter shopping for their kiddos?  What are you including in their baskets.  I have no idea what I am doing with my kiddos but I think that these eggs with bunnies in them would be super cute in the yard, too bad I don't need 12 of them.  :)  These are from Oriental Trading.

Plush Bunnies In Plush Eggs

Man Hits Toddler on an Airplane

Have you seen this news article??!!??

I can tell you one thing.  I would have had to control every ounce of myself not to hit this man if it were my child that he walked up and slapped.  I know as a parent that every parent wants their child to be behave.  I know that no parent is going to be okay with their child just screaming on an airplane and not trying to do something to make it better.  That being said, what in the world gave this man the right to think that he could walk up to someone else's child and put his hand on him.  This is an outrage!

If I walked up to this man and slapped him I would be in trouble and the fact that he is trying to use his money and position to get out of getting in trouble is even more of a disgrace in my opinion.  Does money really buy you everything?  Can you just be a complete butt and not have to answer to the law because you have money?  I hope that others see this and have a problem with it as well, I mean seriously how can this be okay?  How can this be something that happens? 

Seriously I think that even with this situation I would have had a hard time not slapping this man.  I don't care if you think that a child needs to have their butt beat or not if you are not their parent, you have no right EVER to do so.  I would even flip out my children's aunts/uncles if they did this so a complete stranger is just infuriating to me!



Everyone of us needs goals....I have many!

So I thought I'd share mine with you and share my progress once a month.

Goals For Myself--

1. To become healthier & cut the crap!
I'm working on this one but it is so hard!

2. To shred these extra pounds.
I've been trying for a while but REALLY trying for the past two weeks. According to my dr's office I've lost 9 lbs from my starting weight of 245 & am now down to 236 in the past 2 weeks! Awesome & finally!

3. To work out daily
That 9 lb weight loss was just what I needed to motivate me. I will now be working out every single day!

4. To be able to run a 5K
This will come after I'm in better shape and at a safer weight to run, don't want to injure my knees by trying too heavy.

Goals for my Career--

1. To be published
I need to work more on my book.

2. To make a decent income
This could come with #1

3. To make daily blog posts

Goals for my children--

1. To raise happy kids
I'm really working on encouraging them!

2. To be a good mom, cut the crap in my life like TV & focus more on my children.
We're cutting cable at the end of March, this is bound to make this easier.

3. To start a daily journal with each of my kids.
I'm going to buy the notebooks tomorrow!

Goals for my Family--

1. To cut down on our time using technology & TV
This will come when we cut cable.

2. To dance more
After cable is gone, music will be a big part of our entertainment.

3. To start eating all of our meals together
Our table has become our catch all but I am determined to get it cleaned tomorrow.

4. To have a well organized home
I have a LONG way to go and need to purchase lots of storage solutions to help me get more neat and organized.

Wish me luck & watch for updates on my journey.

What are your goals?? I'd love to hear about them and how you are going about reaching them.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A New Obsession with Mini Boden

I love shopping for my kids and trying to find good high quality clothing brands is something that I sometimes find to be a bit difficult.  While I have my favorite brands, it is odd that I find something that I really love. 

Mini Boden is one of those companies.  Their clothes are absolutely adorable and something that I have found to be beautiful.

Here are some of my favorite pieces, one great thing about this company is that right now you can buy 3, get 1 for $1.

In my ultimate world, baby A would be getting these....

2 Pack LeggingsAppliqué Jersey DressPretty Jersey DressSimple Jersey Dress3 Pack TightsAppliqué PinniePretty Tea Dress

Huxley would be getting these....
Adventure Appliqué T-shirtSeaside T-shirtBig Appliqué T-shirtStripy SweatshortsTowelling Shorts

For Althea I would be ordering all of these.
Easy Printed DressPatchwork Appliqué T-shirtPrinted Tea DressTwill Slim Fit Jeans

Cute High Quality Kids Shoes at an Affordable Price--Shop with 6pm

6pm.com offers you the ability to purchase all kinds of high end clothing and shoes while saving money on them at the same time.

Today I was able to snag all four of my kids each a pair of Keens and get the baby an adorable pair of gladiator sandals as well for less than $125.

I'm obsessed with owls so when I saw the Keen Coronado print with owls I had to have them for Baby A.

Plus I got to save 25% off of these.
Keen Kids - Coronado Print (Infant/Toddler)

My princess got these Coronado sandals for nearly 45% off.

Keen Kids - Coronado Sandal (Toddler/Youth)

Andrew's one request was that he get red sandals this year.  So I got him some red Keens that were almost 50% off.

Keen Kids - Newport H2 (Youth)

Huxley got this great pair with the characters on them that I am sure that he is going to love.  These were also nearly 50% off. 

Keen Kids - Newport H2 (Toddler/Youth)

And here are the awesome gladiators that I got for Adeline.  Best thing is that these were over 60% off. 

Mia Kids - Lil Hippie (Infant/Toddler)


Summer Shopping List--Tea Collection Wants and Other Favs

Well, you all know how much I love Tea Collection.  It is one of my favorite children's clothes brands and I had to give them a shout out for so many adorable items this spring.

I love the Ardmore Floral Twirl Dress.

I also am obsessed with the Juniper Wrap Neck Dress.

All of the other colors are great too.

The Dessert Bloom Wrap Dress is breathtaking, such an awesome color.

The Cactus Flower T-Back Jumper is perfectly darling.

The Desert Beauties Romper and the Ardmore Flutter Sleeve Romper will keep your baby in style this summer.

The Bongani Striped Sweater is to die for and I can see my little Althea wearing this on cool nights or when the weather starts to change in the fall.

For my son I am in love with the Vilikazi Stripe Purity Tee.  I love the colors of this one specifically and think that it would be a fabulous layering shirt during the spring and even into the fall seasons.

The tutu print polo is adorable as well.

The African Elephant Hoodie is also adorable.

I also am absolutely in love with the zebra tee.  I love all of the zebra print stuff that I find for my girls but rarely do I find cute zebra print stuff for my little boy.  Obviously my older son is way past the zebra wearing age and would refuse.

The sharp sharp chinos are adorable and something every momma would love to put on her little man.

The side stripe gym shorts are going to be a must have for us this year as they are a short version of Huxley's favorite pair of pants.

My hoodie obsessed three year old was recently look at Tea with me and he fell in love with the Chester Stripe hoodie.

So as you can see Tea really does have a lot of choices and something that everyone is going to love for their child regardless of his or her age.


I'm Back

After taking off some time for the holidays and all of the jazz from being with the family I thought that I would come back.  I miss writing daily and sharing with your our struggles and our joys.  We have had a lot of joy over our holidays. 

We found out that we will have a new niece this year and while I am thrilled for the new mommy and daddy (first time parents) there was a part of me for a minute that was sad that I was never going to have any more babies.  Then I was around my four for a while and decided that God's blessings have been full enough for this house.  I love my children dearly but do not think that I could be a mommy to five or six, four is enough for me.

Lately I have found that life has been a bit trying.  I have had some sick kiddos and some whiny babies that are going nuts all of the time.  I can not wait for them all to be better.  The baby has made it nearly impossible to get anything done and the three year old has done nothing but lay in bed, in fact Mr Huxley is headed to see the doctor tomorrow if he still is not feeling better b/c he is just not doing as well as the other two little ones are. 

I am lucky though, so far I have not caught this flu and neither has my oldest, Andrew.  I do feel though that my time is limited without it b/c I have the worst headache ever today.  I am only hoping that I do not get sick until Shane is well enough to handle the troops. 

Shutterfly Deals

So you all are probably aware that Shutterfly offers some great deals.  There are a ton of different things that you should see because there are so many awesome savings offers. 

If you order tonight before midnight you are going to get $10 off of a $10 purchase with the code LOVESTRUCK.

Also get a greeting card that is free with the special code CARD4U.

You can also get up to 40% off of a photo book, 20% off of a variety of photo gifts, 30% off of select mugs.

Plus when you sign up you are going to be able to get 50 free prints.  This is a steal in itself and something that everyone can save with.

Healthy Snacks for a Year??

So I saw this great opportunity on FB the other to try and win a year's supply of healthy snacks.  This is an awesome deal and something that everyone can enjoy.

Just check out the Nature Box FB page or follow this link to try your own chances at getting lucky and winning a year's worth of snacks.