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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Man Hits Toddler on an Airplane

Have you seen this news article??!!??

I can tell you one thing.  I would have had to control every ounce of myself not to hit this man if it were my child that he walked up and slapped.  I know as a parent that every parent wants their child to be behave.  I know that no parent is going to be okay with their child just screaming on an airplane and not trying to do something to make it better.  That being said, what in the world gave this man the right to think that he could walk up to someone else's child and put his hand on him.  This is an outrage!

If I walked up to this man and slapped him I would be in trouble and the fact that he is trying to use his money and position to get out of getting in trouble is even more of a disgrace in my opinion.  Does money really buy you everything?  Can you just be a complete butt and not have to answer to the law because you have money?  I hope that others see this and have a problem with it as well, I mean seriously how can this be okay?  How can this be something that happens? 

Seriously I think that even with this situation I would have had a hard time not slapping this man.  I don't care if you think that a child needs to have their butt beat or not if you are not their parent, you have no right EVER to do so.  I would even flip out my children's aunts/uncles if they did this so a complete stranger is just infuriating to me!


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