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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Summer Shopping List--Tea Collection Wants and Other Favs

Well, you all know how much I love Tea Collection.  It is one of my favorite children's clothes brands and I had to give them a shout out for so many adorable items this spring.

I love the Ardmore Floral Twirl Dress.

I also am obsessed with the Juniper Wrap Neck Dress.

All of the other colors are great too.

The Dessert Bloom Wrap Dress is breathtaking, such an awesome color.

The Cactus Flower T-Back Jumper is perfectly darling.

The Desert Beauties Romper and the Ardmore Flutter Sleeve Romper will keep your baby in style this summer.

The Bongani Striped Sweater is to die for and I can see my little Althea wearing this on cool nights or when the weather starts to change in the fall.

For my son I am in love with the Vilikazi Stripe Purity Tee.  I love the colors of this one specifically and think that it would be a fabulous layering shirt during the spring and even into the fall seasons.

The tutu print polo is adorable as well.

The African Elephant Hoodie is also adorable.

I also am absolutely in love with the zebra tee.  I love all of the zebra print stuff that I find for my girls but rarely do I find cute zebra print stuff for my little boy.  Obviously my older son is way past the zebra wearing age and would refuse.

The sharp sharp chinos are adorable and something every momma would love to put on her little man.

The side stripe gym shorts are going to be a must have for us this year as they are a short version of Huxley's favorite pair of pants.

My hoodie obsessed three year old was recently look at Tea with me and he fell in love with the Chester Stripe hoodie.

So as you can see Tea really does have a lot of choices and something that everyone is going to love for their child regardless of his or her age.


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