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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm Back

After taking off some time for the holidays and all of the jazz from being with the family I thought that I would come back.  I miss writing daily and sharing with your our struggles and our joys.  We have had a lot of joy over our holidays. 

We found out that we will have a new niece this year and while I am thrilled for the new mommy and daddy (first time parents) there was a part of me for a minute that was sad that I was never going to have any more babies.  Then I was around my four for a while and decided that God's blessings have been full enough for this house.  I love my children dearly but do not think that I could be a mommy to five or six, four is enough for me.

Lately I have found that life has been a bit trying.  I have had some sick kiddos and some whiny babies that are going nuts all of the time.  I can not wait for them all to be better.  The baby has made it nearly impossible to get anything done and the three year old has done nothing but lay in bed, in fact Mr Huxley is headed to see the doctor tomorrow if he still is not feeling better b/c he is just not doing as well as the other two little ones are. 

I am lucky though, so far I have not caught this flu and neither has my oldest, Andrew.  I do feel though that my time is limited without it b/c I have the worst headache ever today.  I am only hoping that I do not get sick until Shane is well enough to handle the troops. 

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