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Friday, April 20, 2012

Lots to Come...So Exciting...Late May Launch Party

Well I thought that I would give you a quick update that we have a lot of goodies to come.  I am crazy busy working on reviews and getting ready for that big launch party at the end of May....I don't want to release the names of the stores yet but so far we have received and been testing out a beautiful necklace and earrings set (got one for a giveaway), an awesome patchwork panel skirt for mommy (this generous vendor is offering up two gift certificates for giveaways), a fitted diaper (yep there is one for a giveaway too), a really awesome unique thing for children to do on the go (it's our family's new restaurant go to and it is being purposely saved for when we are eating out), an amber teething necklace, a really cute ring sling--hint hint this mommy loves owls, nail polish that is safe for itty bitty baby toes (there's a giveaway coming), onesie stickers (there's a giveaway coming), some amazing cloth decals for the walls--that's right not the standard vinyl, something that smells really good, a way fory our all to lose some pounds and get into that swimsuit this summer, some gorgeous headbands, and a great unique--definitely perfect for hipster moms--baby shower gift idea or just because thing that everyone will want their babies to have.

I'm getting so excited.  I can't wait to be able to show off all of these goodies and introduce you to these amazing vendors.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Losing Weight: Body by Visalus....I'm So Excited!!

So I just heard back from one of the representatives for Body by Visalus and I am going to be offering a review of the product for the blog as well as staring another daily journey blog. I am so excited. If you have not heard about Body by Vi you can stay posted and read all of my upcoming blogs as well as check out the results. I am going to be posting (gasp!!!) pictures of myself in a swimsuit, which I know will not be pretty but will be the best way of truly showing you the benefits of using this product. Should you want to find out more information or get yourself started please check out http://www.jsbaughman.bodybyvi.com

I'l be continuing to offer you a variety of different pieces of information about this product as well as sharing with you my dieting journey...please stay tuned!

Mini Review: Holiday Onesie Stickers, Full Review in the Future plus a Giveaway!!

Along with the monthly onesie stickers I was instantly drawn to the adorable owl themed holiday onesie stickers. I was so excited when I found them. They are adorable and have served the purpose in showing how my baby has changed from holiday to holiday during her first year of life. The above is a the adorable bunny owl that was available for her first Easter.
Here you can see the St Patrick's Day themed owl. I thought that this was so cute and it looks adorbale on her striped dress. These too were purchased from Stickers Plus. http://www.etsy.com/shop/StickersPlus?ref=pr_shop_more
Last, look at my three week old angel on Christmas with the My First Christmas Sticker. So cute and such a wonderful way to preserve these memories her first year of holidays.

Giveaways: What's Coming

So far there are some great giveaways coming...I'm not sharing the specifics but some of the mini-reviews have hinted to them.

There are onesie stickers, baby shoes, a gift certificate for vintage threads, a cloth diaper, American Girl doll clothes, and hair goodies in the works so far...much more to come! I'm so excited!! Let me know if you can think of something that you would like to see reviewed and offered as a giveaway. I'm contacting all types of places hoping to get some super special giveaways as well.

Mini Review: Sunbaby Diapers--FULL REVIEW and GIVEAWAY Coming Soon!

So Sunbaby Diapers have been my secret favorite find for some time. The main reason for this has been the adorable prints, great fit on both of my little ones who are in cloth dipaers (aged 4 mos and 2 1/2) and the fabulous customer service from the owner Sun Pei. If you email her, you are sure to get a quick response. I am going to be offering up a full review of her products, showing the differences between size 1 and size 2, and offering a giveaway in the near future. I am so excited that this product will be one of the ones that will be used for our future giveaway blowout. I have been cloth diapering for 2 1/2 years and have found no choice in cloth diaper that I have been as happy with as these. SunBaby Diapers are the best in my opinion and they are honestly the first choice that I reach for when diapering either one of my little ones. The one pictured here is the Pink Minnie Mouse that is no longer available but is sure to be a favorite of my little girl. She has two Disney loving siblings in the house so I know that this is going to be a much reached for choice. :)

Mini Review: Fuzzi Bunz Newborn Pocket Diapers

I had an average sized newborn, rather large compared to some newborns at 8 lbs 6 oz and was shocked to find how big most of the one sized diapers were on her at the time. I ended up using mostly newborn diapers for the first six weeks or so. The Fuzzi Bunz newborn diapers were a great product. They were something that fit her well and offered superb protection. They did not leak, even when worn through the night, as a newborn. They are small so they only fit for as long as the soaker was strong enough to absorb her pee. I would highly recommend them to others who are having a newbie as they worked great and were so much easier than our prefolds and fitteds. I also liked the bright purple color. It was my personal favorite.

Mini Review: Sara Mathre Photography

I just love photography and great high quality pictures are my favoirte. What is even better is when you can find these pictures on a budget. So here goes, the great Sara Mathre of Sara Mathre Photography does a great job in the Central Illinois area. Her facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/pages/getting_started?page_id=148294085299525#!/pages/Sara-Mathre-Photography/322125570094
So far I have only used her services for newborn and 3 mos pictures of my littlest angel. I plan on having all of the kids and possibly family pictures done in a few weeks. I will let you all know how it goes. Sara has been wonderful so far, very friendly and very sweet! Plus her prices have been affordable even for us, which is saying something since I am a full time student and stay at home mom of four little ones aged 4 mos-8 years. She seems to have the gift that is needed to get even hard to smile children smiling so I am expecting nothing but the best when all of us are photographed.
She has a beautiful property outside of London Mills, IL and has the area needed for outdoor photographs as well as having a great selection of backdrops and props for indoor shots.

Giveaways: Coming Soon!

I have been busy trying to get ready for an official launch of my blog. Until the official launch you will be able to read mini-reviews and other postings. Once I am ready for the launch I will be offering up a ton of full reviews of products and some great giveaways. I am excited and hope that you will get that way too. I am working with vendors now and hope to have some options for toys, clothes for mommy, clothes for kids, accessories, and cloth diapers ready to for the giveaway blow out. This will help me get started with the official launch of my blog. I hope that you are getting ready. I know that I am and I will be working hard to be able to offer you any support that you need too. If you have any comments or suggestions I would love to hear them. :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mini Review: My Little Legs

There are a lot of companies out there that sell leg warmers and bows. One of them is My Little Legs (www.mylittlelegs.com) and they are one of the more affordable options that I have found. Their products do seem to be well made, especially the leg warmers in which I have found no problems. The only negative that I could say about them is that you can sometimes see the seam on them but I just put the seam on the backside of their legs. This means that it is not a problem and for the money that I save it is well worth it. They have a ton of designs. Like the green and white striped ones featured in the photograph above. The two flower clips are also from My Little Legs in this St. Patrick's Day picture.
Here is my youngest with her newborn sized retro stripes version on. She was about a month or so old in this picture and they still fit her now (at four months old) but they are starting to get a little tight in the thigh so I will be shopping soon for more of the biggers sized ones.
In this picture my girls are both wearing ruffle butt diaper covers from My Little Legs. My older daughter is also wearing a flower filled tutu, although you can not see it well in this photograph. All in all so far my experience with My Little Legs has been good, although I am pending a customer service problem but so far I have faith that the situation will be handled in the right way.

Mini Review: Custom Crochet Sleep Sack and Elf Hat

There are few things in life that are as sweet as this set. :) I loved it and not only did my daughter wear it in the hospital right after she was born (photographed by me) but she also wore it in her newborn pictures (photographed by Sara Mathre photography...if you decide to visit her for your photography needs please tell her that I, Amanda Miller, sent you http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Sara-Mathre-Photography/322125570094).
Anyways I loved that when I purchased this set the seller was fast to respond and help me with picking out my custom colors. She had a variety of different colors to choose from. However, since I am a girly girl and I love girly pretty things, I had to go with the pinks! I could not have had it any other way. :) After contacting me it seemed like I received my purchase in no time at all. It actually shocked me as to how fast I was able to get a custom crochet item. I order a lot of custom items so I am used to waiting a while for them. I remember thinking that this one came to me very quickly to be something that was custom made for me.
I would definitely order from this seller again in the future. I would be happy to do a full review of a product as well. This product, while done quickly for a custom was still a very high quality and there were no mistakes that I could readily find on there. It was much loved and something that I found to be quite beautiful in person.
If you are interested you can contact Maddie's Crafts on Esty through their shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/MadiesCrafts

Mini Review Adorable Crocheted Baby Dress Set

I am a mommy that loves all things cute! I love the crocheted clothing and other goodies for babies. I love buying my kiddos things that are handmade and high quality. I have purchased a variety of these products over the past few years but there have been some sellers from Etsy that have been my favorites and are the choices of who I would use in the future. http://www.etsy.com/shop/CreativeDesignsbyAmi?ref=seller_info The shop is called Creative Designs by Ami and she has a ton of great stuff. I am hoping to do a full review of some of her products in the future.
This crocheted set was actually a gift to us from my momma who knows about my love for crocheted goodies. It was just too cute for me not to share. The crochet quality seemed to be very good and it was a very affordable set, especially in comparison to similar items that were available. The set cost less than $30 shipped and included the dress, hat, booties, and diaper cover. I do cloth diaper but I did not attempt to use this cover as a soaker. I never lanolized it or anything so I can not review that but if there was enough interest if I decide on more products from this seller I could test them out as a soaker. I would attempt this one but unfortunately it is newborn sized and my baby girl just moved into 3-6 mos clothes. :)
All photographs in this post are courtesy of Sara Mathre Photography. If you are in Central IL and need to have pictures taken please contact her and let her know that you found out about her from me, Amanda Miller. Thanks! http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Sara-Mathre-Photography/322125570094

Future Plans: Redecorating Fun!

So I am super pumped as throughout this Spring I am going to be able to decorate our home. It is going to be so much fun for me to be able to redecorate everything and I am actively pinning ideas so that I can get started. :) I am so excited to be able to find new ways to use things and to be able to have a unique idea about things. :)

Mommy Thoughts: Sick and Tired...:(

So I need to know. What do you other stay at home moms do when you are sick and exhausted? I am so tired today and was very ill all day long. I lost my voice for the majority of the day and was only able to talk if I was screaming at the top of my lungs, which most of the day still only sounded like a hushed whisper.

I guess I should have started out that I am typically pretty spoiled by Shane. He spoils me since he works from home when I am sick and takes his lunch where I can get some rest and helps me when I am not feeling well. Sadly he is out of town working so not only no break at lunch time but also no break all night long, so it is all on me. This means that the middle of the night wake ups and the crying babies are all going to fall on my shoulders. What else is there for me to do though? I don't have anyone who lives here in town close by so I just have to suck it up and do it. The only problems come in the fact that I am often grumpier than usual and I feel like I am short tempered with my children when I am not feeling good. I love the kids so much that I attempt to be a great mom no matter what I am feeling like but I am afraid that there are some additional problems with me when I am not feeling well.

So how do you handle things like this? What do you do with your kids? I ordered a Pizza Hut pizza (which they all love) and got The Smurfs movie for them to watch but what else do you think that I could have or should have done. Thanks!!

Review Bum Genius OS Pocket Diapers

The Bum Genius OS pocket diapers were a favorite of mine for a very long time. At one point these made up nearly 80% of our cloth diaper stash and we had about 35 of them. To date, we only have one or two hanging around and they are in need of some repairs so again no action shots on these, sorry folks! I am hoping that the good people of Cotton Babies will help this mom out and let me review all of their products again. I would love to be able to try out the new BGs since I know that changes had been made since I had mine.

There are many things that I loved about these diapers when I had them. I really liked that the APLIX funtioned so well and did not get caught up or hung up in the wash. Now after having them for over two years I did have the APLIX replaced one time and I need to have the APLIX replaced a second time on the ones that I still have so I'd say that the APLIX only lasts about a year. I would prefer to try out the snap versions today so that I do not have to worry about that APLIX issue again in the future. When I was first cloth diapering I had just given birth to my third child so I had a bit more money to spend on cloth and these were well worth their price tag. I do not consider them to be the most expensive cloth diaper choice as there are many out there that are considerably more expensive but they are not on the cheap end of the spectrum either. I would put them in the mid-mid high range depending on the choice of diapers that you have. Plus most online cloth diaper shops will work with you and offer you a discount if you are purchasing these in bulk. So if you are wanting to purchase a complete system of these you will find that you can save a considerable amount of money by doing so at one time. Although to be honest the price tag was more than what we could afford when we were purchasing cloth diapers for our fourth child. This is probably because we have four children and I am a full time stay at home mom. (Having worked in social work prior to the birth of child number three, it would not pay me enough for daycare to continue in that same field.)

So more about these diapers that I often refer to as the magic gem to cloth diapering. The first thing is that it is nearly impossble to get a bad fit with the APLIX version of these. Since I have not used the snaps I can not discuss how well they would be to fit but I am assuming that they are simlar. I have some friends who use them and swear by how well they work so I am gonna go on a limb and say that they are a great diaper no matter which you would happen to choose.

In addition the diapers come in some of the best diaper colors that are available on the market. I love their solids and there are few solids that I really love so this is an additional bonus for me, personally. I love that there are so many new choices and would really love to be able to try them all out and own some of these again.

I also love that these diapers work so well. The microfiber inserts are truly amazing and made it nearly impossible for these diapers to leak or have problems. I never noticed the inserts or the diapers themselves having problems with leaks. Even after two years of straight use and no other dipaers in the rotation the PUL was in good working order and the elastics were still strong. The only problem that I had was with the APLIX and I do not think that this is something that is at all unexpected when you consider how used they were and how APLIX is used in the first place.

There are additional factors that you will enjoy with these. One of these is that when the diapers are set to a smaller sized setting you can snap down the insert for a better fit. I found this impressive and have yet to see this feature available on any other diaper that I have tried, regardless of brand or style.

There are no other real problems or complaints that I can think of as I truly did love these. In the past I would have said that I wanted some print options but the company has already started this as well. I do think that it would benefit them to offer more prints than they have been offering and some more popular choices as some of the prints have not been a favorite of mine. I like the cutesy look in diapers and sometimes I think that their dipaers have a more mature look. So of course I am sure that there are parents who would completely disagree with my statement about prints as this is something that is all a matter of opinion.

Again I am hoping to try out the new version of these diapers so that I can give a more up to date review in the future.

Review: gDiapers Hybrid System

To be honest, the gDiaper system is another system that I do not currently use. It is a system that I tried in the past and had some issues with. I am not sure if my problems were from being a novice cloth diaperer or really problems with the system. So I am hoping to be able to host a review again in the future of these diapers and the system. I would really like to give it a try again since it was something that I do not feel that I had a chance to really try out as well as I would have liked. It was a few years ago and the product was fairly new to the market and since then there has been a whole array of additional colors that are much cuter than what was available to me at the time.

Pros of the gDiaper System
1. It is a hybrid system. This means that you can go all cloth or you can choose to use disposable inserts which can be thrown away. It is another system that boasts eco-friendly inserts so again it was something that I tried because of my desire to continue to travel while cloth diapering.
2. The diapers now feature a variety of colors and designs that are really cute. At the time that I tried them this was not the case but it looks like this has been a huge improvement in the past couple of years.
3. The fit! These diapers offered a great fit. They were well fitted on my children regardless of their sizes and they fit both my son and daughter well. They did appear that they would fit a chunkier little one well with the fact that they are a stretchy cotton (t-shirt like) material.
4. Plus they appeared to be more comfortable than other diaper choices.

1. The fact that they only come in APLIX. To be honest this would have been a pro when I first started cloth diapering but after having to have diapers repaired and APLIX replaced on a variety of different brands of diapers I am now a snap lover.
2. They are kind of complicated in my opinion. They are a three piece diaper. You have a cover, a waterproof liner that has to be snapped in and an insert (either cloth or disposable). So you have to put them together properly for them to not leak and this took getting used to when I tried them before. I am thinking that this part of the design might have changed as well since I tried using them years ago.
3. They did not keep their color well and were quite faded quickly. The pace at which these diapers faded shocked me because I have never had cloth diapers fade in the way that they did. I was disappointed that they looked old. This is something else that I think might have been improved upon because I have seen some used ones for sale lately that do not appear to have faded. (I do want to note that I had only used vinegar (on occasion), baking soda (on occasion), and Charlie's Soap (sometimes with OxyClean as a booseter) at the time that I used these so there was no harsh chemical exposure or laundry conditions that would prompt me to believe that the fading had been due to something on my part.

Review: GroBaby (now known as GroVia) Hybrid Cloth Diapering System

The GroBaby (now known as GroVia) Hybrid Cloth Diapering system is another one that I tried when I was first getting started with cloth diapering. Today I no longer have any of these diapers so I am not able to post a pic of my little ones wearing them. Instead I will have to write this blog and if you are interested in hearing or learning more I will find pictures for you and links to great places to purchase this system from.

I was very attracted to this system when I first started cloth diapering as I tend to travel a lot and I loved that there were options that were not available with other cloth diapers. I also was kind of scared of cloth diapering to be completely honest and I wanted to be able to see what was out there and dip my toes in slowly. These diapers offered me that ability. I chose to go with both snaps and APLIX when I owned the Gro Via system so I did try both and was happy with how both options worked at the time.

The way that the system works is that you choose a set of shells. There are choices that are both solid and prints. They are a great diaper for someone who does not want to have to mess with washing poo off of diapers all of the time. This is because you can actually choose between an insert that is cloth or one that is completely disposable. This means that if you choose the disposable one you will be able to toss it out just like you do a disposable. Best of all they are completely biodegradable and compostable so you will have options that are more eco-friendly then you would have with traditional disposable diapers. Plus the waste is a considerable amount less and they are more affordable too once you have a set of shells purchased.

These diapers come in a variety of solid colors and prints. They are awesome diapers for the money. The only issue that we had was that I had a hard time getting a tight fit in the legs when my little ones were really little. They had such skinny legs that they seemed to leak out of the leg hole a lot with this brand in particular. Now if you had a chunkier baby then I think that these would be a valuable option to check out. I think that you would really like that they would fit securely around snug thighs but not too tight as I often hear moms of chubby babies complain about.

These diapers are one sized so they could actually fit your baby from birth to potty training. This could end up potentially saving you quite a bit when you consider that the system could be the only diapers that you would ever need. I did try these years ago and honestly I hope to be able to try them again and to re-review them now that I am a more experienced cloth diaperer with fits, etc. This way I can honestly know if this was just something that I was making a mistake with or something that I would have easily been able to correct and use now that I know more about what I am doing. Plus I need a hybrid system for traveling as now we are using disposables (eeeww!) when we are traveling so I am even more dedicated to try something that could end up working for us.

Review: Bum Genius AIO Cloth Diapers

To date, I have only tried the old style BG AIO.

There are a lot of great things that I can say about the BG AIO diaper. One of the best is that it is super absorbant. I never had leak issues when I was using our BG AIO. It was easy to wash and it never seemed to hold odors which was a bonus. Since I use a HE washer sometimes some diapers have to be cared for differently but our BG always seemed to wash up great. They fit my kids well, even though they had super skinny legs and were trim little ones. Some other diapers that we tried were great diapers but my kids seemed to pee out of the leg holes with them. This is something that never happened with the BG AIO.

Another thing that I really loved about the BG AIO was that it was a diaper that allowed for an extra insert to be added if we needed more absorbancy. This made them one of the best choices for my little ones for night time. It was a diaper that worked well with both my son and my daughter so there was no preference based upon the sex of the child either.

I had chose hook and loop as that was my preference when I first started cloth diapering. Today I tend to purchase more snaps but at the time I was more interested in the fit and learning how to use cloth diapers and the hook and loop helped me to get better fits than I was able to get with snaps at that time. After years of cloth diapering I was able to better adjust and now I prefer snaps. Of course this is just a preference and BG does offer snaps on all of their diapers. At the time that I purchased mine they did not have as many colors as they do today either but their new colors are awesome and it would appear that you can now find nearly any color that you could be interested in as well as a few select prints.

Mommy Thoughts: Our Decision to Cloth Diaper

Here's our cloth diapering story....

First off, let me state that I have wanted to cloth diaper for a while. When my first daugther was born I checked out all of the options and I looked for the choices that would be available to us. I wanted to cloth diaper her but because of issues with child care and having to use disposables there I decided that maybe it would be best for us to not cloth diaper.

Fast forward fifteen months and my son was born. We noticed right away that something was seriously wrong with his skin. He broke out all of the time and diapers seemed to really irritate him. So we ended up purchasing expensive organic and chemical free diapers and magically he started to clear up in the diaper area. He still had horrible eczema but I will save those posts for a later blog. Anyways I decided as we were spending so much for diapers, having to be sure and change him immediately after he would go to the bathroom (even when he had just peed) that it would be a good idea to try out cloth.

Fast forward to today, two and a half years later and let me say...I love cloth. First off my kids always have the cutest diapers. Second, they are not exposed to any unnecessary chemicals. Plus we are doing something great for the environment and the world around us at the same time. So this is something that really works for our family. Now to be honest we have tried nearly every cloth diaper on the market today. We have tried so many, so I am going to be trying to update this with the diapers that we have used and tried and hopefully finding sponsors so that I can start reviewing more cloth. We love our fluffy butts here and I'd love to be able to review some more diapers sinc I am a cloth diaper addict now.

Crafty Fun: DIY Storage Totes for Cheap!!!

I am not terribly crafty. I can do simple things but nothing too difficult. Recently we have decided on how we will be redecorating our kids' rooms so it was easy for me to decide that I wanted storage that was going to match their themes in their rooms. However it was hard to find affordable items for storing their things. So I decided that I would get my craft on.
When I did this I first decided to visit the fabric store. I picked up 1/4 yard of fabric in prints that would match their themes. I chose different owls for the younger three since their room is going to be done in owls. I then chose a music one for my oldest as he will be having a rock n roll room. I chose a variety of different ribbons that matched the materials as well. All in all it was not an expensive purchase.
My next stop was Wal-Mart where I was looking for a bucket or something to decorate. What I ended up with is large sized rubber planters. I chose ones that were designed like a bucket for the boys and ones that were designed like a flower for the girls. I then simply cut the fabric in half lengthwise, used craft glue to glue the strip around the middle and then added a ribbon trim to both the top and bottom. This is all that it took and in my opinion the results were definitely worth it. You can let me know what you think. :) Oh and best of all is that it was done for less than $10 each, so in comparison to decorated totes of similar size for storage it was about 1/4th of the cost.

Mini Review of South Flair Boutique on Etsy

I am a shopper. I love to shop and I love buying my girls who are three and a half and four months old matching clothes. I had so much fun this Valentine's Day and they got a matching owl shirt and owl onesie from Souther Flair Boutique on Etsy. You can check out their shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/SouthernFlairBtq?ref=seller_info. Not only are these high quality appliques but there are unique elements to them. Some of these included the bow on the owl. It was something that most applique designs that I have seen did not have and something that I really liked. It was an additional item that made these shirts very special. Even though I have purchased a lot of appliqued designs I have not purchased many that I have been as pleased with as these.

It's Cooking in My Kitchen: Easter Baking Fun

So for Easter this year I was baking up a storm. I took some ideas that I found on Pinterest and other blogs. I made my first rainbow cake. It was delicious and moist but that is thanks to my personal cake baking secret. Instead of using oil and egg whites. I used melted butter and egg whites and I added an extra 2 Tbs of melted butter for each 1/3 cup of oil that the recipe called for. It makes for the most moist and delicious cakes that you will ever eat. I found a great buttercream frosting online as well. So I made my six layers of rainbow cake and then I frosted it with the homemade buttercream. When I was finished I covered the sides with two layers of Peeps Bunnies and then I added Easter M&Ms to the top. It looked so cute! In addition to this, I made some amazing Cadbury Cream Egg Cupcakes. It was an Easter of sugar filled goodness and one that could have caused anyone sensitive to sugar to go into a sugar induced coma. I only ate a part of one piece of cake since I am hoping to be able to lose the rest of the baby weight quickly. What I did eat was delicious and made me proud to have baked it.

Mini Review: Monthly Onesie Stickers...FULL REVIEW and GIVEAWAY to come in the near future

Montlhy onesie stickers are an awesome new treat for new parents!! I have never seen anything so creative, neat and useful. I have found that I only wish that I had these for my other three children, since I only heard about them and found them for the youngest. I have even found it easier to remember her monthly photographs. It is something that I have been happy with as well. We are even saving our stickers in our baby book after we use them so that she will be able to see them next her pictures.
There are a lot of other things that you can consider with these too. One of these is that there are a wide variety of different designs. I personally chose owls because I have a slight owl obsession. I say slight but some might think otherwise. :) Anyways, it is not going to matter what you personally like because you are going to be able to find it. The customer service and the shop owner of Stickers, Plus where I purchased mine from were awesome. You can check them out at http://www.etsy.com/shop/StickersPlus?ref=seller_info. I would definitely purchase from them again in the future if they had the featured design that I was looking for.
Best of all the price point on these is great. It makes them a very affordable choice for a baby shower gift or even a small gift for someone who is having a baby but not having a shower.
As you look at the pictures you can easily see the little changes that she made each month and it is clear as to which month they are. :)

Mommy Thoughts: Starting...

So, I read a ton of review blogs and I am constantly thinking, I need to do that! I love products for my family and I love trying new products. What better way to do so then to be willing to write reviews and getting the word out about these products to other moms tht might be iterested. I am so excited to get started and am hoping that I can get everything up and running quickly.

To let you know a bit about me...here goes.

I am a mom to four amazing children. Andrew is 8 and very creative and active. Althea is 3 and a doll, just the sweetest little girl that I have ever met. Huxley is 2 and my little comedian, absolutely hillarious. Adeline is 4 mos old and absolutely the best baby that I have ever met. I love her so much. I am a stay at home mom primarily. I freelance, go to school online and try to be the best mom.