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Monday, April 9, 2012

Review: GroBaby (now known as GroVia) Hybrid Cloth Diapering System

The GroBaby (now known as GroVia) Hybrid Cloth Diapering system is another one that I tried when I was first getting started with cloth diapering. Today I no longer have any of these diapers so I am not able to post a pic of my little ones wearing them. Instead I will have to write this blog and if you are interested in hearing or learning more I will find pictures for you and links to great places to purchase this system from.

I was very attracted to this system when I first started cloth diapering as I tend to travel a lot and I loved that there were options that were not available with other cloth diapers. I also was kind of scared of cloth diapering to be completely honest and I wanted to be able to see what was out there and dip my toes in slowly. These diapers offered me that ability. I chose to go with both snaps and APLIX when I owned the Gro Via system so I did try both and was happy with how both options worked at the time.

The way that the system works is that you choose a set of shells. There are choices that are both solid and prints. They are a great diaper for someone who does not want to have to mess with washing poo off of diapers all of the time. This is because you can actually choose between an insert that is cloth or one that is completely disposable. This means that if you choose the disposable one you will be able to toss it out just like you do a disposable. Best of all they are completely biodegradable and compostable so you will have options that are more eco-friendly then you would have with traditional disposable diapers. Plus the waste is a considerable amount less and they are more affordable too once you have a set of shells purchased.

These diapers come in a variety of solid colors and prints. They are awesome diapers for the money. The only issue that we had was that I had a hard time getting a tight fit in the legs when my little ones were really little. They had such skinny legs that they seemed to leak out of the leg hole a lot with this brand in particular. Now if you had a chunkier baby then I think that these would be a valuable option to check out. I think that you would really like that they would fit securely around snug thighs but not too tight as I often hear moms of chubby babies complain about.

These diapers are one sized so they could actually fit your baby from birth to potty training. This could end up potentially saving you quite a bit when you consider that the system could be the only diapers that you would ever need. I did try these years ago and honestly I hope to be able to try them again and to re-review them now that I am a more experienced cloth diaperer with fits, etc. This way I can honestly know if this was just something that I was making a mistake with or something that I would have easily been able to correct and use now that I know more about what I am doing. Plus I need a hybrid system for traveling as now we are using disposables (eeeww!) when we are traveling so I am even more dedicated to try something that could end up working for us.

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