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Monday, April 9, 2012

Review: gDiapers Hybrid System

To be honest, the gDiaper system is another system that I do not currently use. It is a system that I tried in the past and had some issues with. I am not sure if my problems were from being a novice cloth diaperer or really problems with the system. So I am hoping to be able to host a review again in the future of these diapers and the system. I would really like to give it a try again since it was something that I do not feel that I had a chance to really try out as well as I would have liked. It was a few years ago and the product was fairly new to the market and since then there has been a whole array of additional colors that are much cuter than what was available to me at the time.

Pros of the gDiaper System
1. It is a hybrid system. This means that you can go all cloth or you can choose to use disposable inserts which can be thrown away. It is another system that boasts eco-friendly inserts so again it was something that I tried because of my desire to continue to travel while cloth diapering.
2. The diapers now feature a variety of colors and designs that are really cute. At the time that I tried them this was not the case but it looks like this has been a huge improvement in the past couple of years.
3. The fit! These diapers offered a great fit. They were well fitted on my children regardless of their sizes and they fit both my son and daughter well. They did appear that they would fit a chunkier little one well with the fact that they are a stretchy cotton (t-shirt like) material.
4. Plus they appeared to be more comfortable than other diaper choices.

1. The fact that they only come in APLIX. To be honest this would have been a pro when I first started cloth diapering but after having to have diapers repaired and APLIX replaced on a variety of different brands of diapers I am now a snap lover.
2. They are kind of complicated in my opinion. They are a three piece diaper. You have a cover, a waterproof liner that has to be snapped in and an insert (either cloth or disposable). So you have to put them together properly for them to not leak and this took getting used to when I tried them before. I am thinking that this part of the design might have changed as well since I tried using them years ago.
3. They did not keep their color well and were quite faded quickly. The pace at which these diapers faded shocked me because I have never had cloth diapers fade in the way that they did. I was disappointed that they looked old. This is something else that I think might have been improved upon because I have seen some used ones for sale lately that do not appear to have faded. (I do want to note that I had only used vinegar (on occasion), baking soda (on occasion), and Charlie's Soap (sometimes with OxyClean as a booseter) at the time that I used these so there was no harsh chemical exposure or laundry conditions that would prompt me to believe that the fading had been due to something on my part.

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