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Monday, April 9, 2012

Review: Bum Genius AIO Cloth Diapers

To date, I have only tried the old style BG AIO.

There are a lot of great things that I can say about the BG AIO diaper. One of the best is that it is super absorbant. I never had leak issues when I was using our BG AIO. It was easy to wash and it never seemed to hold odors which was a bonus. Since I use a HE washer sometimes some diapers have to be cared for differently but our BG always seemed to wash up great. They fit my kids well, even though they had super skinny legs and were trim little ones. Some other diapers that we tried were great diapers but my kids seemed to pee out of the leg holes with them. This is something that never happened with the BG AIO.

Another thing that I really loved about the BG AIO was that it was a diaper that allowed for an extra insert to be added if we needed more absorbancy. This made them one of the best choices for my little ones for night time. It was a diaper that worked well with both my son and my daughter so there was no preference based upon the sex of the child either.

I had chose hook and loop as that was my preference when I first started cloth diapering. Today I tend to purchase more snaps but at the time I was more interested in the fit and learning how to use cloth diapers and the hook and loop helped me to get better fits than I was able to get with snaps at that time. After years of cloth diapering I was able to better adjust and now I prefer snaps. Of course this is just a preference and BG does offer snaps on all of their diapers. At the time that I purchased mine they did not have as many colors as they do today either but their new colors are awesome and it would appear that you can now find nearly any color that you could be interested in as well as a few select prints.

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