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Friday, November 30, 2012

Potty Training 1, Mommy 0

So as you might have guessed from the title, potty training is not going well in my house.  I am at a complete loss as to what I should be doing with number three.  He is just not interested in the potty and far too big to still be wearing diapers or training pants.

I feel as though I have tried everything and now I am asking for help.  I was thinking that I would do a "potty chart" with stickers and reward him with something special if he finishes it but I am just not sure as what I am really going to do.  I am so frustrated that I have no idea what to do.

He has done things that number one and two never did so that makes it even more difficult.  They were both fairly easy potty trainers, I put them in big boy/girl undies and it was pretty much over.  Number three, not so much.  I have taken him to the bathroom every hour on the hour and just ended up with him pulling down his pants and peeing on my stairs or pooping on the floor.

Something has got to give because potty training is winning now and that just can not be.  I am willing to accept any ideas that any of you might have.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chapped Baby Cheeks

So my youngest has some chapped baby cheeks.  Poor baby!  I hate seeing them because they look like they would be so painful for her.  I keep lotioning them up and they look like they are starting to go away but then all of a sudden they are chapped again.  I swear that I am putting lotions or balms on them like ten times a day.  Any suggestions?  I have sensitive skin babies anyways and I have actually worried that this is not chapped but instead that it is a food sensitivity/allergy.  I am just at a loss.

My Baby Believes She's A Doll

That's right I found Adeline playing in the dollhouse as if she were a real life doll.

Elf Day 2

So I forgot to post a pic of Poster's adventures for yesterday. He was found attempting to make chocolate peanut butter bread.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Playing Princess Mommy

Here's a look at what's going on now at my house! Enjoy!

Tommee Tippee Review

Tommee Tippee North America - Westport, CT

As I start out this review I must first apologize for the lateness of it.  I am so upset with myself for forgetting to write about the fabulous products that I received from them that we use all of the time.  This is just unacceptable and so from the bottom of my heart, I am very sorry Tommee Tippee.

I received two different items when I contacted Tommee Tippee about reviewing their products. 

Closer To Nature Dual Ended Chewther

The first was the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Dual Ended Chewther.  This product retails for $6.99 at Babies R Us.  You can purchase through the link above.

The chewther was actually created with dentists to be something that would benefit your little one's oral development.  It helps to support appropriate speech and feeding.  It supports muscle coordination, lip seal, and jaw development.  Plus they help your baby to not feel as much pain when they are teething.  This was definitely one of Adeline's preferred teethers.

When you choose the chewther you are choosing to prepare your baby for the necessary development to be able to chew their pureed foods.  I think that this what happened with my youngest, Adeline.  I have found that she was able to eat foods better and quicker than any of my other children.  I don't know that this is really why but it is what I credit since it was really the only thing that was different for my child from my other three.

It helps with developing lip seal and the muscle coordination that is necessary for speech.  I find that my children have all developed oral language quickly compared to other children the same age.  Adeline will be turning one on December 5th and she has already started talking quite a bit.  She says "mama," "dada" "hello," "rara," "papa," "no," "uh-oh," "oh" and a few other words which is more than I hear from most little ones that we are around.  As I stated, all of my children have had well developed oral language but I am sure that this has helped.

The textured surfaces have been developed to help with baby's new teeth that are fragile.  Plus it is a BPA free product so you do not have to worry about the safety of your child while they are using this product.

Explora Pop Up Weaning Pods x 2

The second product that was sent to me were the Explora Pop Up Weaning Pods x 2.  This set of 2 weaning pods was so handy when I made my own baby food and is something that I still use on a regular basis even though she is eating all table foods.  I use them for snacks now and they are amazing.  One of the best things about this product was the awesome pop up feature that allowed for me to be able to actually remove frozen food with ease.  This product retails for $5.99 at Babies R Us and can be purchased at the link above.

They feature a leak proof lid in addition to their easy to pop up base.  Plus they will easily stack in your fridge or freezer.  They are BPA free and made in a larger 4 oz size that allows them to continue being perfect for you as your child grows older.  This is why they are great for carrying snacks with you when they are at the table food stage.  Plus they feature colors that are available for boys or girls.

Tommee Tippee is an innovative company that has your baby's needs and best interest in mind.  Rarely is a company so focused on what is truly going to be best for your child.  Their bottles are designed to mimic a mother's breast which makes them a trusted brand and great choice for mom's who are breast feeding.  I have a lot of friends who use these innovative bottles love them and many found that this was the only bottle that their breast fed babies would use.

Plus the bottles are made for babies who have sensitive tummies so they are also a favorite for mom's who choose to formula feed.  All of the Tommee Tippee products are BPA free and something that everyone will find to be a great value. 


Review Homespun Soaps

The very generous owner of Homespun Soaps gave me a bundle of goodies to sample and offer as a giveaway, in fact she actually gave me almost $150 worth of products which was so generous and I swear that she will be keeping my family clean for many months to come and probably throughout the next year while we are on vacation.  I love all of the products that I have  received and so far can say nothing bad about any of them.  I did not sample or test out the products that were offered as the giveaway but I am sure with all of them that I have sampled that they will be amazing for everyone involved.

I must apologize as I will not be adding pics for a while.  I just recently got a new computer and will finally be able to download pictures which means the ability once again to take photographs of products.  I am going to try and remember to update everything.

Ruby Red Pomegranate Lip Balm (value $3.75)--This delicious lip balm was bright & smelled wonderful. It felt very smooth on & was promptly seized by my four year old, Althea who claimed it as her own.  At $3.75 this lip balm is truly a steal!

Fantastic Feet Heavy Duty Night Time Foot Cream (value $7.50)  My son has had some horrific dry hands in his lifetime.  At nine years old I can not imagine how dry his hands already are.  There are times when his hands seem to be cracking and times when I have actually taken him to the doctor because of the problems.  This foot cream has become our go to hand cream.  It is amazing and has seriously helped his hands better than anything else ever has.  Plus at $7.50 a jar it is a steal and quite a bit less expensive than most of the other items that I have used in the past.

Emulsifying Peppermint Foot Scrub (value $9.50)  This has been awesome as well.  I typically have very dry heals and other problems with dry skin on my feet during the winter months.  This year so far I have had none of these and I credit this wholeheartedly to using this product.  My feet feel amazing and I have found that the product smells great too.

Gardener's Scrub bar (value $5.75)--This soap bar seems to really help when I have had dirty hands after being outside playing with my kids.  I have honestly used this most often on my little ones' hands after they have been playing in the dirt and the mud and it has done a fantastic job of keeping them clean too.

Plain Goat's Milk Bar Soap (value $5.75)  I have never loved a soap before like I love this one.  In fact my nine year old, Andrew, looked at me today and said "mom you look really pretty, your skin is different and you don't have any bumps."  This is awesome!  I have found that I am finally having the best looking skin that I have ever had and I am so pleased that this is the case.

Nitty Gritty Mechanic's Soap (value $5.75)  I kept this bar of soap as a gift to a mechanic in my family.  Actually I am going to be gifting this one to my oldest son's dad for Christmas as he is often working on cars and other things.  I don't really buy him too much for gifts usually just a photograph of Andrew or something similar so this will be a nice little addition.

Sanquino Orange Patchouli Soap (value $5.75)  This soap smells amazing.  I am a huge fan of patchouli so this is something that I really can not get enough of.  Best of all is that the soap is not overpowering and the scent is delicious as well.

Patchouli Essential Oil Soap (value $5.75)  Another amazing smelling soap and like the other soaps from this line that I have sampled it lathers well and always makes my skin feel great.  I have put this one up for travel as we love to travel and I love that soap bars do not require additional airline standards to be met.

Solid Lotion Stick (value $5.25)  This  solid lotion stick is something that I have also used on my son's super dry hands.  It works well and adds a lot of power to the little bar of lotion.  It is far more potent and amazing than I would have gathered that it would be.  I really love its portability and the fact that it easily fits in my purse and can go anywhere with me.  I love always having something on hand to help my kiddos hands.  Plus I have discovered in an emergency that it makes an awesome diaper cream and it actually helps to clear up a rash quickly.

Shampoo Bar (value $8.50)...This is something that I was beyond excited about.  I love to travel but hate trying to fit all of our travel essentials into a ziploc bag for flights and I hate checking luggage even more than that.  I am so excited to put this solid shampoo bar away in one of my travel bags (obviously one that is not airline approved) so that I can have shampoo on trips and never have to worry about not getting everything through the baggage check points.

Sugarplums Sugar Scrub Cube (value $)...I received two of these in different scents.  I love how these are the perfect size to scrub up in the bath.  Plus since they smell good it means that I am not rushing to rinse it off and that I can comfortably use it in my relaxing bath instead of just in the shower.  These are going to be one of my favorite products to add to gift bags and gift baskets as I like them so well.

Boo Boo Balm (value $)...This is like a homemade Neosporin for burns, bruises, etc.  I know that this will be the first product from the line to be gone in my crazy home.  With four kids, you can not avoid having boo boos on a regular basis.

Dead Sea Mud and Bentonite Clay Soap (value $5.75)  This is the other bar that I can credit for my amazing skin transformation.  My face has honestly never felt or looked better and being a former Sephora employee I have used a ton of different high dollar products.  It is shocking to me that these bars of soap can do such an amazing job and make me look so good.

Old Fashioned Pine Tar Soap (value $5.75)  I have not tried this bar of soap yet.  I must admit that I am excited to try it because I have heard that pine tar soap can work wonders on black heads and this is still the biggest skin concern that I have. I think that finding something that would help me to rid my skin of these would be amazing and it appears that this might be the trick.

Bug Off (small size) (value $5.00)  This is another product that I have yet to test out because it is the wrong season.  That being said I know that this product will get a ton of use in the next year.  We love doing outdoorsy things with our kiddos and we love camping.  This product is sure to be a favorite when we are in the position to use it.

TLC Solid Skin Balm (value $5.00)  This balm is something that I love and have been using when my little ones get a diaper rash.  I am fortunate and this is a rare occasion so this is something that I have not used much.  I have found that it appears to work just as well as anything else that I have used in the past and it appears to work well with cloth diapers.  If you are a cloth diapering mom you will understand the importance of this statement but I saw no repelling issues and noticed nothing different with my diapers after using this.

Herbal Lip Balm (value $3.75)  The herbal lip balm is something that I find myself almost addicted to.  I used to be a lip balm addict but it has been a long time since I used lip balm all of the time for one reason or another.  This product has again made me a firm believer in lip balm and I find myself using it all of the time and never going anywhere without it.

Vitamin E Eye Balm (value $4.75)  The Vitamin E Eye balm is something that I can honestly say I was not too thrilled about when I first saw it.  Since it comes in a tube similar to the lip balm I thought that it was going to be greasy and something that I did not like.  I will admit too that it does feel greasy when you first put it on.  However I have noticed a definite reduction in the bags under my eyes.  For me this is huge since I am one of those people that has been plagued by dark circles for some time.  I have noticed that it also does not feel greasy after just a few short minutes when it has become absorbed by the skin.  Instead it feels soft and smooth and my eyes have never felt better.  Plus as an added bonus I have noticed that my eye make up lasts longer and looks fresher for longer periods of time as well.

Several of these items were won on my big Black Friday giveaway so I am hoping that winner loves them as much as I have.

Grumpy Mommy! :(

So I am the queen of grumpy mommies today.  I am just not feeling  well yet after being up all night with work for five days in a row.  I am still in a funk and I am not feeling so well.  I am exhausted, don't feel like eating (this I am not complaining about) and kind of feel sick to my stomach.  I sure hope that I am not coming down with anything.

So I am short with the kiddos, tired of dealing with all of their craziness and not listening and in no way equipped to deal with potty training my crazy and defiant three year old.  He just won't pee or poop on the potty.  I have attempted a variety of tactics and have no idea where to go with it.  I am just stuck and so frustrated beyond belief.  Thank goodness I do not believe in spanking because I would probably end up spanking him.

Let's face it I know that he is just being stubborn or this would not be such a big deal.  My biggest problem is that he is just insistent on not going potty.  I have attempted treats, asking him every hour, taking him to the potty and all kinds of other things that I thought would work.  He instead will go potty in his diaper or pants and change them himself but not just go potty on the toilet or potty chairs. 

So I have resorted that I am just grumpy mommy and definitely ready for my work to be on the same schedule as I am going to be on permanently.  I just can not handle it until I am on that schedule.  I feel bad because I am losing all patience with my little people and I normally am not that way.  Overall, I can not stand to no longer be a grumpy mommy with my kids.

Elf on a Shelf

So our new elf joined our family last night & the name that was decided upon was Poster Princess Sprinkle. He escaped from his box & was found cruising with his new girlfriend, Barbie (you all might recognize her.).

Friday, November 23, 2012

My Decision to Go Back to Work, Well Sort Of

First off let me state that I love being a stay at home mom and that I have never regretted my decision to give up working to stay at home with my kids.  However that being said I am a very social person and I have a hard time with being in the house all of the time without being able to be social with others.  So with this I have been attempting to go back to work on a minimal part time basis for some time.  I have four kids so I do not want to have a job that is going to take away from them but I did want something that would allow me to have a little extra spending money so that I could do fun things with them from time to time.  I wanted to be able to go places and enjoy our time together as well. 

So with this I started looking for a job about three years ago.  However I only wanted to work part time and only every other weekend so I had a hard time finding something.  The job that I did get just kind of fell into my lap after I had been applying for holiday jobs and desperately searching for a way to be able to have the extra money that we needed for the holidays. 

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a 3rd shift night auditor job at a Fairfield Inn and Suites.  The pay is above minimum wage and actually what I was making working full time as a social worker.  Plus I was lucky enough to get the added benefit of being able to work with great bosses and other employees that have made me feel welcome.

The job is easy and sometimes the worst part is that there is too much down time and I get bored.  I have found that I can be more productive with my freelancing during this time and that if I write when I get into that position that I can get a lot done. 

Until they were able to hire and train someone I did have to work every weekend and have been quite tired in doing so.  Don't get me wrong, it is not that I do not appreciate the job that I have been given but I am definitely ready to have every other weekend off to enjoy my family to the fullest.  I have some things that I will be working on these next few weeks and I have a great weekend planned for the family on my first weekend off of work.

My plans are, as follows, going to Build A Bear and getting a hotel room to relax and enjoy swimming with grandma and grandpa.  I get a great bonus on cheap hotel stays and love that I can enjoy the relaxation and benefits of a hotel with little money invested during this time.  Again I am thankful for what I have been given and that it is a job that I really enjoy but I will be very happy to finally be in a position where I can use the money that I am making on fun family activities instead of being tired during the day while I am with them.  I am so ready to be able to have fun doing activities together. 

Happy Turkey Day!

Hi everyone!  I hope that you had a fabulous Turkey Day yesterday.  I was lucky to be able to spend an amazing day with my family after a normal night at my new job.  I promise to tell you all more about my new job in the future but I wanted to use this post to be thankful for the amazing day that I have had.

I have been lucky to have a day that has been filled with family.  I got home from work and slept for a bit and then I woke up and got my little ones dressed and ready to go to grandma and grandpa's.  We went to my parents where we spent the entire day getting to hang out and enjoy our time together.  I even played some HORSE with my son and won one of the games but he did kick my butt at a little one on one.

As I was surrounded by my amazing four children, the best possible man in the world for me, and my family I realized how blessed that I am to have each and every one of them in my life.

Now I am back at work so I will keep this short and I am happy to say that I have been blessed with one amazing friend, an amazing mom, and the best brother ever who are picking up Black Friday deals for me so that I can save some money on the few little things that I have left to buy. 
Speaking of Christmas, how is everyone's shopping going?  Did you battle the crowds last night/this morning.  I'd love to hear from you and hear what you have to say.  I just have a few odds and ends to pick up but other than that I am done.

Black Friday Holiday Shopping Started Giveaway, $241 value!

m So here is a great giveaway put together for you.
The package is a perfect choice for anyone who is interested in getting some great holiday gifts foGr cheap.

I am super excited to announce the prize package.

Tea Collection $100 gift card

Seriously, the cutest kid's clothes ever!!

Initials Inc
Get a Grip, savannah print "hands free" personalization $30 retail value

Mad K's Creations
a slouch hat in a brown color, similar to the one pictured below $12.00 retail value

Reversible Slouch

Love1111 $10 gift certificate

That 70s Skirt Flower Power
This awesome skirt is just $9.95

Homespun Soaps and Body Products, $40 value

A collection of awesome bath and body products from Homespun Soaps and Body Products which include the following items--
Tummy Rub (perfect for pregnant or new mommies)
Oatmeal, Goat Milk and Honey unscented soap (amazing soap perfect for everyone!)
Bee's Knees Lip Balm (amazing lip balm for everyone!)
Whipped Shea Butter (perfect for dry skin or anyone who has sensitive skin)
Lavender Basil Shaving Soap (the best product for anyone that shaves)

Dapper Lads 12-18 mos boy's outfit valued at $49!

Total Prize Package $241!!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, November 22, 2012

When Did Black Friday Shopping Become Thanksgiving Shopping??

So maybe I'm old school but I am seriously sad that Black Friday shopping has become Thanksgiving shopping.

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that is about thankfulness and being thankful for the things that we have and I feel the mass consumerism of Black Friday is going to ruin one of the most important holidays that we have. 

Of course, you might disagree that Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays but I would challenge you to take a look at the history of Thanksgiving in general.

One thing that has been a big misconception is the idea that turkey was the first Thanksgiving meal as it is not likely that turkey or pie were consumed.  However it is probable that other Thanksgiving favorites were served because they are harvested and grown at that time of the year.  Things like corn and cranberries to be specific.

The history of the first Thanksgiving dates back to September of 1620 when a small group of settlers in search of the new world set out from Plymouth England.  They wanted the freedom and prosperity that they believed only America could give them.
The group included 102 different people who were from different various backgrounds.  These individuals gave up everything that they had ever owned and boarded a ship to travel a world away from the only homeland where they had ever lived.  They boarded a ship that they called the Mayflower.
It took sixty six days for them to land on Cape Cod.  As they arrived they started planning their colony.  It was a very hard winter and only about half of the people survived as they chose to live on the boat rather than living on the land since their homes were not yet built.  When it came a year later and they were finally harvesting food and knew that they were going to survive they were thankful for all that they had.  The native people had taught them how to plant corn and other crops that would grow in America and they were happy with what they had.
This means that basically when you celebrate Thanksgiving you are celebrating being thankful for your life, for your things, and for all that you know.  The mass consumerism of Black Friday should have been kept away from a holiday that is as sacred as that.
Now I am all for great Black Friday deals and I love to go Black Friday shopping.  I didn't even complain when sales started happening at midnight on Friday instead of at 6 am as they used to be but I think that 8 pm on Thanksgiving is a bit early and it honestly keeps me from being able to enjoy my holiday with my family.  I would love to know what you guys think and if you are going out shopping early or waiting until Friday.  I am interested to check out the paper's versions of the ads tomorrow as I have only read them on the leaked online sites.  I doubt that I am going, I shopped early.  I need gift cards now and that is about all so there isn't really anything that I could get anyways while I was out.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Referral Contest

Calling all bloggers, here is a new referral contest for you.  I need some help getting new readers and having a larger following. 

So, I'm asking for help. 

Here are the things that you can do to get more followers to come to my blog.

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I have a package of wipes and a gift certificate for snap conversions or other products from Simply Cloth.

I also have a wallet from Initials Inc and will throw in a wall decal set.  The value of the package will be over $50!!!

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So excited to see some growth.  Please help this blogging mama out.  Thanks!

Referral contest will end on Black Friday!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Share Your Tips for Weight Loss

So I need some further tips for weight loss.  I never thought that something could and would be so hard.  With four kids it is hard to always pick healthy foods and not to have the unhealthy junk lying around.  I try to buy them junk that I don't enjoy but I seriously have some problems with trying to do this.  I never would have imagined that it could be so hard.  I know that this might sound stupid but I thought that it would be easier than this. 

So I'd love for you to share your tips.  I think a big one is accountability and seriously sharing with someone everything that I eat on a daily basis.  I think the other one is to make sure that I start to get more work-outs and exercise in.  Both of these are going to be hard for me but I am hoping that I can get it all done and start to look good and feel good soon!  

I'd love any tips that you have.  Let me know what you think and if you are on this journey yourself let's take it together.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Becoming More Positive

I am really trying to become a more positive & grateful person. This is hard when there's so much negativity around you all of the time.

So I'm implementing some changes. I'm posting on my personal Facebook page the things I am thankful for. I started this with the November thankful challenge but am hoping that I can continue it each day. In addition I have purchased several "I Like" books on my road to positiveness. The "I Like" books offer something for everyone. I got a kid's version for each of my littles. Basically you write something that you like about them each day.

In addition I purchased the couple's version of the book in hopes of adding more positive things to my relationship and a copy of the one offered for women. We'll see how it works but I'm hoping to see a lot more positive & a lot less negative in my life.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Making it All Work

We all have families and we all have to figure out how to make our lives work.  In the past this was something that I found terribly challenging and something that was hard for me.  As I have gotten into my new routine I am learning how to make my life work for me.  Of course there are things that I wish that I could make different but I am really learning to let them go and to move on with my life, focusing strongly on all of the positive that is around me.

I am trying hard to remember all of the things that I am thankful for each day.  I have had some problems in the recent past with my computer that prevented me from being on here and posting as regularly as I should have been and for that I sincerely apologize. I love blogging and writing about my life and how I make things work for me.

I have four of the world's most amazing children and an amazing man to share my life with.  I try with every ounce of my being to be a positive person  and to enjoy life as it is.

In my house we have reached a stage where things can be hectic.  There are days that I feel like a horrible mommy because I just do not handle things with as much grace as I'd like to.  Today was one of those days that would be counted as a mom fail.  :( 

For me it is hard to try and be it all.  My biggest goal in life is to be the best mommy possible and then it is to be the best wife (or pseudo wife at this point since Shane has not popped the question).  One of my biggest challenges is trying to be the best at everything.  I attempt to do it all and to be perfect as I am doing so.  Sometimes this just does not work out but other times it does and those times are great. 

Today my children seemed to be into everything.  I had a headache and was stressed about my final night of training at my new job.  I just started working part time, for a while a lot more hours but once things slow down I will just work every other weekend.  I work for a Marriott branded hotel that is owned by a separate hospitality group.  The job is fairly easy and something that I actually enjoy.  As a third shift night audit it does not take too much away from my family and I love that.  It also is basically audit paperwork so I enjoy that as well.

I am planning on returning to school but am not sure when I want to start.  I know that now is the perfect time in some ways, during my down time at work I would be able to do my homework and then I would be completed with school around the time that my youngest would be starting kindergarten.  I would then be able to get a full or even just a part time job that would utilize a bigger skill set and help me to be able to earn more income for our family.

I love being a stay at home mom so this transition is hard on me.  The hardest part for me has been all of the extra hours in training which has meant that I have had to spend more hours away from my family.  The only thing that has worked out well with this is that I am going to be able to have the best of both worlds when this time is over.  Plus I am getting the opportunity to make more money during this time which is sure helping us out for Christmas.

I have so many "Christmas" related bills to pay for and a weekend away planned with my children in Indianapolis.  I am excited but a bit stressed that we will be traveling so much in December and that we have so much going on up until then.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Work From Home, How I Make My Money

So I have seen a ton of posts lately on Facebook from mom friends and family who are wanting to work from home.  I thought that I would share my experience of working from home.

First of all I started writing and freelancing to make additional income and have since worked for a variety of online writing companies.  I have ended up in a position where I got screwed out of a significant amount of money and treated poorly with some of these companies.  Of course the ones that treat you bad are the ones that seem to pay you a considerable amount more.

With the basic freelance writing that I do now I make an okay income and I get treated well.  So this is important to me.  The best part is that I am constantly expanding my network, meeting new clients and learning new infomration about the business.  It is all working out well for me.

If you want the same experiences then you can just register at Freelancer for free and start working and earning an income almost immediatley.  If you are not a writer, do not fear there are all different types of work available on this website.