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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Grumpy Mommy! :(

So I am the queen of grumpy mommies today.  I am just not feeling  well yet after being up all night with work for five days in a row.  I am still in a funk and I am not feeling so well.  I am exhausted, don't feel like eating (this I am not complaining about) and kind of feel sick to my stomach.  I sure hope that I am not coming down with anything.

So I am short with the kiddos, tired of dealing with all of their craziness and not listening and in no way equipped to deal with potty training my crazy and defiant three year old.  He just won't pee or poop on the potty.  I have attempted a variety of tactics and have no idea where to go with it.  I am just stuck and so frustrated beyond belief.  Thank goodness I do not believe in spanking because I would probably end up spanking him.

Let's face it I know that he is just being stubborn or this would not be such a big deal.  My biggest problem is that he is just insistent on not going potty.  I have attempted treats, asking him every hour, taking him to the potty and all kinds of other things that I thought would work.  He instead will go potty in his diaper or pants and change them himself but not just go potty on the toilet or potty chairs. 

So I have resorted that I am just grumpy mommy and definitely ready for my work to be on the same schedule as I am going to be on permanently.  I just can not handle it until I am on that schedule.  I feel bad because I am losing all patience with my little people and I normally am not that way.  Overall, I can not stand to no longer be a grumpy mommy with my kids.

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