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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Work From Home, How I Make My Money

So I have seen a ton of posts lately on Facebook from mom friends and family who are wanting to work from home.  I thought that I would share my experience of working from home.

First of all I started writing and freelancing to make additional income and have since worked for a variety of online writing companies.  I have ended up in a position where I got screwed out of a significant amount of money and treated poorly with some of these companies.  Of course the ones that treat you bad are the ones that seem to pay you a considerable amount more.

With the basic freelance writing that I do now I make an okay income and I get treated well.  So this is important to me.  The best part is that I am constantly expanding my network, meeting new clients and learning new infomration about the business.  It is all working out well for me.

If you want the same experiences then you can just register at Freelancer for free and start working and earning an income almost immediatley.  If you are not a writer, do not fear there are all different types of work available on this website.


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