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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review Homespun Soaps

The very generous owner of Homespun Soaps gave me a bundle of goodies to sample and offer as a giveaway, in fact she actually gave me almost $150 worth of products which was so generous and I swear that she will be keeping my family clean for many months to come and probably throughout the next year while we are on vacation.  I love all of the products that I have  received and so far can say nothing bad about any of them.  I did not sample or test out the products that were offered as the giveaway but I am sure with all of them that I have sampled that they will be amazing for everyone involved.

I must apologize as I will not be adding pics for a while.  I just recently got a new computer and will finally be able to download pictures which means the ability once again to take photographs of products.  I am going to try and remember to update everything.

Ruby Red Pomegranate Lip Balm (value $3.75)--This delicious lip balm was bright & smelled wonderful. It felt very smooth on & was promptly seized by my four year old, Althea who claimed it as her own.  At $3.75 this lip balm is truly a steal!

Fantastic Feet Heavy Duty Night Time Foot Cream (value $7.50)  My son has had some horrific dry hands in his lifetime.  At nine years old I can not imagine how dry his hands already are.  There are times when his hands seem to be cracking and times when I have actually taken him to the doctor because of the problems.  This foot cream has become our go to hand cream.  It is amazing and has seriously helped his hands better than anything else ever has.  Plus at $7.50 a jar it is a steal and quite a bit less expensive than most of the other items that I have used in the past.

Emulsifying Peppermint Foot Scrub (value $9.50)  This has been awesome as well.  I typically have very dry heals and other problems with dry skin on my feet during the winter months.  This year so far I have had none of these and I credit this wholeheartedly to using this product.  My feet feel amazing and I have found that the product smells great too.

Gardener's Scrub bar (value $5.75)--This soap bar seems to really help when I have had dirty hands after being outside playing with my kids.  I have honestly used this most often on my little ones' hands after they have been playing in the dirt and the mud and it has done a fantastic job of keeping them clean too.

Plain Goat's Milk Bar Soap (value $5.75)  I have never loved a soap before like I love this one.  In fact my nine year old, Andrew, looked at me today and said "mom you look really pretty, your skin is different and you don't have any bumps."  This is awesome!  I have found that I am finally having the best looking skin that I have ever had and I am so pleased that this is the case.

Nitty Gritty Mechanic's Soap (value $5.75)  I kept this bar of soap as a gift to a mechanic in my family.  Actually I am going to be gifting this one to my oldest son's dad for Christmas as he is often working on cars and other things.  I don't really buy him too much for gifts usually just a photograph of Andrew or something similar so this will be a nice little addition.

Sanquino Orange Patchouli Soap (value $5.75)  This soap smells amazing.  I am a huge fan of patchouli so this is something that I really can not get enough of.  Best of all is that the soap is not overpowering and the scent is delicious as well.

Patchouli Essential Oil Soap (value $5.75)  Another amazing smelling soap and like the other soaps from this line that I have sampled it lathers well and always makes my skin feel great.  I have put this one up for travel as we love to travel and I love that soap bars do not require additional airline standards to be met.

Solid Lotion Stick (value $5.25)  This  solid lotion stick is something that I have also used on my son's super dry hands.  It works well and adds a lot of power to the little bar of lotion.  It is far more potent and amazing than I would have gathered that it would be.  I really love its portability and the fact that it easily fits in my purse and can go anywhere with me.  I love always having something on hand to help my kiddos hands.  Plus I have discovered in an emergency that it makes an awesome diaper cream and it actually helps to clear up a rash quickly.

Shampoo Bar (value $8.50)...This is something that I was beyond excited about.  I love to travel but hate trying to fit all of our travel essentials into a ziploc bag for flights and I hate checking luggage even more than that.  I am so excited to put this solid shampoo bar away in one of my travel bags (obviously one that is not airline approved) so that I can have shampoo on trips and never have to worry about not getting everything through the baggage check points.

Sugarplums Sugar Scrub Cube (value $)...I received two of these in different scents.  I love how these are the perfect size to scrub up in the bath.  Plus since they smell good it means that I am not rushing to rinse it off and that I can comfortably use it in my relaxing bath instead of just in the shower.  These are going to be one of my favorite products to add to gift bags and gift baskets as I like them so well.

Boo Boo Balm (value $)...This is like a homemade Neosporin for burns, bruises, etc.  I know that this will be the first product from the line to be gone in my crazy home.  With four kids, you can not avoid having boo boos on a regular basis.

Dead Sea Mud and Bentonite Clay Soap (value $5.75)  This is the other bar that I can credit for my amazing skin transformation.  My face has honestly never felt or looked better and being a former Sephora employee I have used a ton of different high dollar products.  It is shocking to me that these bars of soap can do such an amazing job and make me look so good.

Old Fashioned Pine Tar Soap (value $5.75)  I have not tried this bar of soap yet.  I must admit that I am excited to try it because I have heard that pine tar soap can work wonders on black heads and this is still the biggest skin concern that I have. I think that finding something that would help me to rid my skin of these would be amazing and it appears that this might be the trick.

Bug Off (small size) (value $5.00)  This is another product that I have yet to test out because it is the wrong season.  That being said I know that this product will get a ton of use in the next year.  We love doing outdoorsy things with our kiddos and we love camping.  This product is sure to be a favorite when we are in the position to use it.

TLC Solid Skin Balm (value $5.00)  This balm is something that I love and have been using when my little ones get a diaper rash.  I am fortunate and this is a rare occasion so this is something that I have not used much.  I have found that it appears to work just as well as anything else that I have used in the past and it appears to work well with cloth diapers.  If you are a cloth diapering mom you will understand the importance of this statement but I saw no repelling issues and noticed nothing different with my diapers after using this.

Herbal Lip Balm (value $3.75)  The herbal lip balm is something that I find myself almost addicted to.  I used to be a lip balm addict but it has been a long time since I used lip balm all of the time for one reason or another.  This product has again made me a firm believer in lip balm and I find myself using it all of the time and never going anywhere without it.

Vitamin E Eye Balm (value $4.75)  The Vitamin E Eye balm is something that I can honestly say I was not too thrilled about when I first saw it.  Since it comes in a tube similar to the lip balm I thought that it was going to be greasy and something that I did not like.  I will admit too that it does feel greasy when you first put it on.  However I have noticed a definite reduction in the bags under my eyes.  For me this is huge since I am one of those people that has been plagued by dark circles for some time.  I have noticed that it also does not feel greasy after just a few short minutes when it has become absorbed by the skin.  Instead it feels soft and smooth and my eyes have never felt better.  Plus as an added bonus I have noticed that my eye make up lasts longer and looks fresher for longer periods of time as well.

Several of these items were won on my big Black Friday giveaway so I am hoping that winner loves them as much as I have.


  1. Thank you so much for your review!!! I am so glad that my products are finding uses in your home. As with anything I make, I can make it to suit your particular needs, so keep using them and if you have any suggestions or tweaks you'd like, let me know!! Thanks again!

  2. I forgot to add that my products can be found at www.facebook.com/homespunsoapsandbodyproducts. Orders can be placed by e-mailing me at homespunsoaps@yahoo.com. Thanks again!!!