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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oriental Trading: Crafting Fun for You and Your Little One and So Much More

So I have to say that I love Oriental Trading and have used the website for craft and party supplies for my children for years.  I love doing craft projects with them and love being able to use their products all of the time.

I was lucky enough to be asked to do a review for them and was happy to do so because I knew that I could really use the products that they were offering me. 

They sent me a complete pirate party set which is awesome but was unfortunately sent after my son's birthday so it will be saved for his birthday next year.  I wanted to use it for something but just could not see not waiting and using it for his birthday.  Oriental Trading offers you a variety of different party supplies as well that you can choose from for any theme.

I love so many of the ones that they offer including these.

I was also sent a gift certificate which I used towards the purchase of a variety of craft supplies to do with my children over this Easter season.  We have had fun with the ones that we have done and we will be working on finishing up the others.  I will post pictures of all of our finished projects when they are completed.

I chose the Magic Color Scratch Easter Eggs because my kids love all of the easy magic scratch stuff.  These cute little eggs are just $6.50 for 24 with the strings and the sticks to scratch them off with.

Magic Color Scratch Egg Ornaments

I also got the Color Your Own Fuzzy Cross Pictures because the middle two really enjoy coloring and I thought that this would yield nice looking pictures regardless of if they were able to stay in the lines or not.  We are putting art walls in their rooms and I think that it will be fun to create projects to hang on them.  These can be yours for $5.25 for 12.

Color Your Own Cross Fuzzy Pictures

The Handprint Bunny Keepsake Craft is adorable and one of the ones that I am most excited to do with my kids during our crafting time.  These are just $13.50 for 12 and you get the bottles of finger paint as well which is nice so that you do not have to purchase extra things to complete your crafts.

Handprint Bunny Keepsake Craft Kit

The Flower Bunny Magnet Craft is very cute and is going to look adorable on our fridge.  They are adorable and something that everyone is going to enjoy as well.  This kit is $4.75 for 12.

Flower Bunny Magnet Craft Kit

The Jelly Bean Bracelet Craft Kit is a great one that is going to be fun to do with my kids.  I am sure that Althea is really going to love this one especially since she will be making her own bracelet.  I am the most excited about doing this one with her.  You can create 12 of these adorable bracelets for just $9.

Jelly Bean Bracelet Craft Kit

I got the Sparkling Egg Ornament Craft Kit which includes the supplies to make these adorable egg ornaments.  I plan on hanging these on my kids' doorknobs to their rooms when they are done.  I am sure that this will make them very happy.  The price of $10.50 for 12 of them made me pretty happy.

Sparkling Egg Ornament Craft Kit

The Color Your Own Easter Cards will be awesome to send away to grandmas and were on sale so instead of paying $10 for 12, I was able to get them for $3.49 for 12...what a steal??!!??

Color Your Own Easter Cards

The Handprint Easter Chick Keepsake Craft Kit is another one that is exciting for mommy because let's face it, little handprints are so cute and it is something that I can really do with baby A too.

Handprint Easter Chick Keepsake Craft Kit

The Bunny Box Craft Kit is super cute too and a great place for my kids to store their little treasures that they always have lying around.  The boxes are a decent size and this is one that is fun to watch them create.  They are just $8.25 for 12.

Bunny Box Craft Kit

The Design Your Own White Journals are really cute and I think that there are a million different ways in which we can design them but for now I have not decided exactly what I was going to do.  These are another amazing deal at just $15.50 for 12 which is so much less expensive then even buying cheap notebooks to use as journals elsewhere.

Design Your Own White Journals

The Color Your Own Mom Artist Flowerpot is a great choice for everyone who wants something special for themselves.  I plan on doing a lot of different planting this year and am excited to be able to do it in these cute little planters that my kids create.  :)  These are also $15.50 for 12 and would be great for anyone who has a mom that they want to help celebrate.

Color Your Own “Mom” Artist Flowerpots

One of the things that I love most about Oriental Trading is the price point.  Their crafts are so affordable and are something that everyone can easily afford to do with their children.  I sometimes do craft clubs with my mom's groups and I then am able to purchase big sets of crafts like this and not have a ton of leftover crafts since they come 12-24 in a package.


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