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Monday, September 3, 2012

Curious About Labor Day, I Was

So I know that most people know that today was Labor Day.  The odd thing to me was that I really didn't know much about labor day when I started thinking about it.  I mean, I knew the basics, I knew what it was for and I knew what it meant but I was not sure about the rest.  I did not know the exacts as to how it was started or why, so I set out on a mision to find out more information.

Of course I knew that the labor movement was behind the start of Labor Day and that it falls on the first Monday in September.  I learned that the meaning was to celebrate both the economic and social achievements of workers in America.  I knew that it was celebrating the economic achievements but I was not sure that it was about the social contributions of Americans in the workforce.  What do you think about this?  As a freelance writer I get to celebrate being an employee as far as the eonomy goes but I really do not get to celebrate the social aspects of having a job.  Sometimes I miss these and today I spent some time reflecting what I missed about them.

There is no accurate record of who started the first Labor Day. There are speculations but no one gets credit becaue the records just are not that clear.  Although Labor Day had been celebrated before it was not officially considered to be a holiday until between 1885 and 1886. 

Today we celebrate Labor Day nation wide giving employees in most positions with a day off of work to celebrate.  There are still a lot of employees who find themselves working but no union labor jobs are working unless for overtime.  Plus most professionals have the day off unless called in for an emergency of one type or another.

So what are your thoughts on Labor Day??

Mine are that I think that it is a great thing for employees to be celebrated.  It really does not matter what job someone has as we are all contributing to society.  Some people might choose to look down on one career or another but instead of doing this you should be looking at those employees and thinking about the contributions that they are making to your society.  In stating your society I am simply referring to what you think about the different aspects of how each of these jobs affects you.  I am thankful for all employees around the US that help to make my amazing life possible and I would love to hear what you are thankful for today as well.

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