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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review ecoSTORE

I contacted ecoSTORE when I was looking for new bath and body products for my family.  I have been very pleasantly surprised by the products and really love the two that I was able to review.

ecoSTORE has a wide range of bath and body products that appropriate for the entire family.  I found that I wanted to try the baby shampoo and the body wash in the patchouli orange scent.  I love patchouli so this was naturally a scent that I thought that I would enjoy.  There are so many great things that I have to say about the products that I received.

First off the Orange and Patchouli Body Wash is amazing.  The texture is great when it is lathered up.  It lathers really well which kind of shocked me the first time that I used it because it was not very thick.  It makes my skin smell and feel great.  I have been using this during the weather change and have noticed that my skin is not drying out like it normally does this time of the year.  I always use the same lotion and frankly with four kids lately I have not been using much lotion at all and still I am not experiencing the dry and itchy skin that I typically have once we turn our heat on.  Since all of my other products are the same, I can state that this body wash is truly something that I plan on using in the future.  Plus at just $4.75 for the body wash it is a steal.  I typically spend almost as much money on crappy body wash from Wal Mart and with that I end up with a number of other issues like the dry skin. 


The second product that I was generously offered for review was the Baby Shampoo.  This is another product that I will stand behind and one that is probably going to become a regularly used product in our home.  I have been looking for the perfect bath products and all too often I end up finding products that are either riddiculously expensive or products that just do not work for us.  Well, with this choice I have found a product that is affordable, just $4.40 and one that works great.  There is not much of a scent so if you want a smelly baby this might not offer you that but I can tell that my little ones are getting clean.  I even used this shampoo on my four year old's thin hair and my three year old's thick hair and I found that it cleaned them both well too.

I must apologize to ecoSTORE for using their website photographs for these two products.  I basically have lost my camera and my iPhone is not letting me take more pictures because I need to clean some off.  Our computer with iTunes is down so until this one gets fixed or I find my camera I am not able to take the pictures of products.  So again, ecoSTORE I am sorry for using the pictures that you have and not using my own.
Since I loved these products so much I have my own little ecoSTORE shopping list put together.
ecoSTORE offers a lot of household cleaning products and there are some that I would like to try as I use up the high in chemical products that I currently have.
The toilet cleaner is just $3 and natural without chemicals.  I would love to test this out in our bathroom.
The cream cleanser is just $3.95 and safe enough to use on glass cook tops but strong enough to clean your bathroom to perfection.  This is something that would be nice to test out as well since I love a nice lemon fresh scent.  There are a number of other household products offered that include a pure oxygen laundry whitener (think chemical free oxyclean), laundry detergent, dish soap, glass cleaner and all purpose cleaner.
There are a number of bath and body products including bars of soap, handwash and the amazing body wash that I got to test out.  The prices are very reasonable and the bars of soap are just $1.80 each.  I plan on trying out their shampoo and conditioner the next time that I need to purchase some.  If they work as well for me as the body wash has then I am going to be one happy lady.  They offer a few different varieties which include pear, honey and almond, or cucumber.  They also feature a full line of products for your baby and your fur babies too.
So no matter what you are looking for there is a good chance that ecoSTORE has some great products for you to try that are reasonably priced and going to work well enough to impress you as they have me.

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