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Friday, October 5, 2012

Review Kickypants

Kicky Pants Retail Shopping

So this is going to be part one of my review of Kicky Pants for a couple of different reasons.  One of these is that I got them in the next size up for Miss Adeline and they are too big now.  I will post a little update and pictures when she is big enough to wear them.  I was so excited when I got notification from Kicky Pants that they were willing to work with me on my blog.  They are a super high quality children's line that I have heard a ton about but had just never tried because I could not see and feel them before ordering.  I can say that I sincerely wish that I had been buying these for my children all along because they are amazing.  The sleeper that I received is the absolutely softest sleeper that I have ever felt in my life.  This is saying a lot since I have four children and have purchased my fair share of sleepers.

The thing that is best about Kicky Pants is that they are made from all natural bamboo and while you mightnot think that bamboo would be this soft, it is truly amazing.  I would have never been one to think that something would be better b/c it was natural or organic.  This company has changed my mind and I now understand why some moms have decided that their children will only wear certain materials.

Plus these are some of the cutest pajamas that I have ever seen.  They have so many adorable details that I put them on my little one all of the time because she looks so cute in them.  I think that little Miss Adeline looks amazing in this pair of footies.  If you'd like to check out what is currently available from Kickypants, you too can check out their footies.

Here is how the footies look on their own. 
This is my favorite part of the footies.  The  ruffles on the butt and if you take note there are not only ruffles on the butt but also on the legs, these are just too cute in my opinion.
Kicky Pants is a great company that is family owned and operated.  The idea behind the designs that are created is that children need to be unrestricted in their clothing and that their clothing should celebrate their innocence.  The company owners, Erin and Nick, seem to be the typical parents that just wanted something better for their little ones so they set out to create it.
Kicky Pants are even a favorite of Hollywood parents and if you look at magazines a lot you are likely to have seen Kicky Pants on a variety of different star's children.
Now here is my favorite part.  I get to show you my favorite styles of Kicky Pants clothes!
Since Althea is such a little dress lover I obviouly am attracted to dresses in her size.  So I am going to show you a few of my favorite that Kicky Pants had to offer.
I love this Pleated Dress with Leggings in Grapevine and Lotus Stripe.  Plus it is priced comparable to most high quality  brands at $52, for the set.
Pleated Dress with Legging in Grapevine/Lotus Stripe
Another of the Print Ruffle Footies that I love is this one in Orchid Lattice.  One additional great thing about this brand is that it comes in sizes up to 6, so you can still put ruffles on the butt of your bigger girls.  I think that Althea would look great in this footie and it is priced the same as the one that we got for review at $38.
Print Ruffle Footie in Orchid Lattice
I love the Piece Print Double Layer Tee in Boy Multi Animal.  I just think for a long sleeve mock double layer tee that this is one of the cutest that I have seen.  The price of this one is just $27.
Piece Print Double Layer Tee in Boy Multi Animal
I think that these Print Pants in  Twilight Stripe look like they would instantly be my son's favorite.  They have to be comfortable and super soft coming from Kicky Pants and they are so cute with the above shirt.  I think that this might go on mommy's Christmas clothes list as one of the outfits for my little man.  The pants are just $24.
Print Pant in Twilight Stripe
Last but not least, there are some of the cutest outfits ever available for babies from Kicky Pants.  This is one of those companies that I wish that I had discovered when my baby was a newborn because there would have been so much that I would have "had to have" for her.  I personally love the Pleated Dress with Leggings in Lotus Pear and Grapevine.  It too is $52 for the set.
Pleated Dress with Legging in Lotus Pear/Grapevine
I also want to point out that Kicky Pants has some of the cutest newborn gift sets that I have ever seen and I am definitely going to be noting them for any future baby shower purchases because they are just so adorable.  I personally love the print newborn gift set in Harvest Tree and Lilac Snail but to be honest they are all absolutely adorable and priced perfectly for a gift at $38 each for the entire set.
Print Newborn Gift Set in Harvest Tree
Print Newborn Gift Set in Lilac Snail

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