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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Even the Baby's in on It!!

So if you're like me as a mom you work painstakingly hard to make sure that your little angels look perfect before leaving the house. You double check their clothes to make sure that they haven't gotten anything on them, comb their hair one last time, and sometimes even bribe them to please leave their hair pretties in place. However for me it's always a failure in some way. One of my kids always looks disheveled and/or messy by the time we finally get where we are going. Most of the time for me it's Althea, my three year old pulling her hair out of her ponytail or tossing her clips, bows, or flowers across the floor of the van. There are times when it's my two year old, Huxley who seems to manage to find something to make himself messy with when I had no clue that there was something that he could be messy with. I find it so frustrating because I guess I'm vain & I take extra care in making sure that my kids look spectacular.

Well now my darling little angel of a baby is in on it. I took a lot of care in matching her shirt to her adorable ruffle diaper cover & baby legs combo. I even matched one of her teething necklaces because Andrew (my oldest, he's 8) had an appointment. So we get to the appointment & I notice that somewhere between our house and the literally 8 blocks to the clinic she had spit up! I've been pretty good about keeping bibs on her after she had just eaten or when she's eating but I thought that we could make it this far since she hasn't eaten in a while. So I've come to the conclusion that it's a conspiracy with the four of them. I had to share this little moment & of course a picture to celebrate some of the joys of mommy hood!

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