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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review sewingsilly

One thing that I have hated for a long time is how ugly my hair chair has become after the two toddlers.  To be one hundred percent honest I really wanted to purchase a new high chair for Adeline because it had been well loved, often used and stored in the basement int  between babies.  Well I found a much better solution and ended up with a gorgeous new high chair cover courtesy of sewingsilly.

This high chair cover features one of my personal favorite things, OWLS.  As you get to know me you will see that this is a reoccuring theme becuase so much is being done in our homes with the cute little fellows.  I have redecorated with owls, planned rooms around owls, had specialty custom products with owls, and am even planning a first birthday party with this same theme 

Now I should note here that I am a bad customer.  To be one hundred percent honest I often times am a bit on the hurried side when I am shopping and sometimes I miss the fine print.  With this being said I did pick out a cover that was not specific to the high chair that I have.  I later realized that sewingsilly actually has specific covers for a variety of different models of high chair.  I did get lucky though because this one fit our high chair with ease so there was really no problems or issues that I had to worry about.  I was thankful for this because I honestly would have felt a bit stupid had I had to contact the vendor and tell her that I could not use this.  I was ovecome with excitement at seeing the cute owl fabric and it completely overshadowed the fact that it was made specifically for a certain type of high chair.

So here is a picture of my skanky icky high chair in the condition that it was in.

I know that this is not horrible condition but I hated the yellowing in the cracks and how the overall highchair looked.  I am pretty practical with things like high chairs because my kids generally do not love them so I typically move them to a booster early on.  Plus since we have a fairly small house for the number of people that live here I find that it is hard to actually find the room to add one more big item into my home.  The high chair would be just that, one more bigger sized item for our house that has to go in the ever popular dining room.  We have some of the bigger overcast toys in there as well so there is not often a ton of room. 

So I was very excited when I got the great high chair cover in the mail. 

The owls were just as cute in person as they were online too which was nice. 

And when I placed the cover on my high chair, not only was I excited because I knew that clean up would be just throwing the cover in the washing machine but also that I was going to be able to make it look cuter.  Here is the finished product.  If the baby was eating yet, she starts on her 6 mos birthday June 5th, I'd post pictures of her eating in it.  Sorry folks you are going to get an empty but still really cute high chair instead.

As a bonus the folks here at sewingsilly were very generous and offered a giveaway bib.  The bibs are sold in their shop for $6.  I will be posting a giveaway link in a bit so you can enter there for the adorbale bib.

The shop is filled with bibs and high chair covers for every model of high chair that is common and can even be custom ordered for those that you might not see.  Plus she has a lot of different fabric choices for you to choose from.  Here is a picture of some of the fabric choices that she shows as being available on the Etsy site.

She also gives you the option to be able to pick out your own fabric and send to her.  This is great for those of you who are very specific in your decorating as you can easily find the fabric that is going to go perfect with your home decor.

Karen, the owner of sewingsilly has celebrated thirty nine years of marriage to her husband.  They had a daugther and then a son and their daughter and son have both had a daughter and then a son of their own.  She is a happy grandma to these four amazing grandchildren.  She sounds a lot like my own my mother, saying that "grandchildren are the best" and talking about how much she enjoys spending time with them and how much fun she has with them.  I hear this same thing from own mom's mouth all of the time so it made me smile when I saw Karen saying it too.  Her daughter is the owner of another Etsy shop Practical Designs.  I had to smile when I saw that her daughter's name was also Amanda and I figured that she was more like my mom then I knew.  Her daughter was getting requests for the high chair covers and just could not do both items while caring for her two young children because the demand was too high.  Karen resides in the mountains and is happy to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  She loves making the high chair covers because people need and appreciate them.  I would highly recommend Karen's services if you are interested in finding the perfect high chair cover.  They are a super high quality and if her daughter's sewing skills are anything like her's you will be happy with the shopping cart ocvers that she has as well.

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