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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love Products Mommies Invent, You Must Check Out Mom 4 Life

How many of you out there love to buy things that were invented by other moms?  If you're raising your hand then you are not alone.  I am there with you.  I know when I purchase a product that a fellow mommy has made or invented that I am going to be happy with it.  I know that the quality will be high and that my kids are actually going to enjoy it.  It is one of the reasons why I tend to love handmade goodies and things made by WAHM so much.

One thing that I have struggled with is really finding out which products that are made by bigger companies were made by moms.  There is not a lot of information on most websites and let's face it as a mom of four, I do not have a ton of time to really look up and research each product that I buy before I buy it.  One website is setting out to change this problem, Mom 4 Life.  This website is a great place for moms to go and buy goods that were made by other moms.  There are so many different products on there too that you can really shop for anything that you might be interested in finding.

As I was looking around the website I came across a number of great products that I already knew that I loved.  One of these products is BabyLegs.  Let's face it most of us love BabyLegs on our little ones so much because they are just so darn cute.  My favorite thing about them is that they actually can help turn a onesie into a darling outfit or even complete the look of a t-shirt and cloth diaper. 

Since I have my own personal obsession with them I thought that I'd share a favorite photo of my youngest when she was just a wee thing wearing them with an owl shirt.  If you know me, you know my love for owls. 

If you are a nursing mommy then you are sure to love the Hooter Hider  Nursing Cover.  In my opinion, even though I am not a nursing mommy this is one great product.  I wanted to nurse my babies so bad but was on medications that I just should not go without that I could not safely take while nursing.  In addition I did not produce the amount of milk that I should have ot be able to fully nourish a growing baby.  However if I were to nurse then I know that I would strongly desire the Hooter Hiders  brand because not only were they created by a mommy but they are in my opinion the most stylish and cute choices of nursing covers.

The next product that I noticed was one that I never personally owned but a lot of my mommy friends did.  To be honest I do not know why I have never owned a WubbaNub because the idea is fantastic for those months when your baby seems to spit out their pacifier.  These specially made stuffies resemble cute little beanie babies in my opinion but do a whole lot more.  They hold onto your infant's pacifier and help him or her to keep it in their mouth.  Again I can not state enough how much I like this idea and how I do wish at times that I had one of these at my house, but you can't own everything, right?  Or can you (insert giggle when I think about Shane's face if I'd have said this one out loud.)  And if you want to know he is giving me a funny look as I sit here giggling and typing.

Another great mommy made product that I believe every mommy needs and deserves to buy for herself is the Belly Bandit.  This is one of the best things that I have ever owned.  I loved the fact that I did not have that jiggle belly for long after having my baby.  Don't get me wrong I still have enough loose skin to house a linebacker in my abdomen if I tried (four kids just gave my skin a bit too much of a workout) but I did not have that poochy "When are you due?" belly after having just given birth.  The Belly Bandit  is made to offer you the support that you need in your tummy right after you have given birth.  I personally would not have believed that it worked as well as it did had I not tried it.  And since I did try this product I think that I should share a few more pictures with you.  These are me one day after giving birth and then again about 3 months later.  Mind you, this is child number 4 so there is a pretty big difference in that short of a time period, especially when you are considering that this was the fourth baby that I'd had.

and here is the after shot

So if you are like me these results are enough to prove that this is what I was interested in.  Please excuse the massive cloth diaper destashing that is happening in the after shot.  I was cleaning out cloth diapers and getting ready to sell a bunch and unfortunately caught the messy stash pile in this shot. 

There are really a ton of additional products that you can check out as well.  One of the ones that I found most interesting were LilyPadz because even in the short few months that I nursed my second son I had some embarassing leaks b/c the stupid nursing pads that I was wearing moved.  I had both cloth reusable pads and pads that were disposable and still had these same problems so I am not sure what I was doing wrong or if it was because I am bigger busted and the pads just slipped.  However with this choice in pads they are supposed to adhere to you and make it more possible for you to do the things that you enjoy without having to worry about the problems. 

All in all I think that Mom 4 Life is one website that all moms should visit and check out.  They will find that there are products there for them no matter what type of mom they are.

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