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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review Streamline Design

I have been in the exciting process of redoing my house.  I thought that starting the blog at this time would be a great idea.  I got a little more involved than I thought and while I have some amazing wall decals to put up the painting has not been finished.  So I am going to review these companies and let you know what I think of the amazing decals that they have and then once the painting and renovations have been completed I will post an additional post with pictures of these being used in my home.  I was ecstatic when Streamline Design offered to work with me. 

The reason that I was so excited about working with Streamline Design was that they had so many great options for my oldest son's room.  He is in that akward adolescent age where you never know what to get them.  He is not old enough to be a teenager and while he likes many teenage things there are a lot of things that he still likes that are childlish.  So comes into play the amazing monster wall decals that I received from Streamline Design.  These are so cute and I'm sure that they are going to add enough light hearted childlike elements to his room.  I am amazed at the quality of the product that I got.

The vinyl actually seems thicker than some of the decals that I have seen and the quality is far above and beyond anything that can be bought in your neighborhood retail store.  Best of all are their prices.  The monster set which by the way is very large is just $17.95. 

Here is a picture of the pair of monsters that my son chose when given the offer from the company's website.  I am posting some pictures of the product before I have put them up but wanted to give you an idea of what they are going to look like on the walls.  There are actually three monsters that come as part of the set.  They are sold with one of the bigger monsters and the smaller monsters.  I personally have a bit of love for these little guys just for the fact that their names are Larry, Moe, and Curly.

Don't be afraid of the dark. These guys will keep you company.

Don't be afraid of the dark. These guys will keep you company.


This is a picture that I snapped of the larger monster (Curly), I am litterally thrilled to be putting these up on the walls and I am going to be reviewing the process of putting them up and the actual finished product and even posting some video of the application process.  Lucky for me I have an artist other half so I will just videotape him applying them.  I am sure that the painting is going to start next week so this is going to be posted soon but to make Streamline Design a big part of my launch party I wanted to include this post now.


Here is a snapshot of the other monster (Moe) that we received.  Again I am going to be posting these great monsters on a green wall so I chose to have them in black.  I did learn that they are cut from fully removable matte vinyl and that they also have the ability to do photo-tex.  However if you are interested in purchasing these monsters they do come in a wide variety of colors that you may choose from.

Here is a picture of the available colors that you can choose.  There are forty five for you to choose from.

Don't be afraid of the dark. These guys will keep you company.

Now I'd like to highlight some of the other products that I saw on the Streamline Design website that I liked.  I personally really loved the Planetary System vinyl wall decals.  They are great and something that I really think that most kids would not only enjoy in their room but also something that you could use to help teach them with.  They'd be awesome for a classroom or a homeschool learning area as well.  Plus they are note so juvenille that if you home schooled and chose to use a room that served as another purpose that they would look bad.

Planetary System Vinyl Wall Art Decor With All Planets - Including Pluto

Now if you are not shopping for wall decals Streamline Design still has a lot of products that you could possilby be interested in so you should definitely check them out.

There are some great laptop decals with my favorite being the mustache.  This is so fun and whimsical that it makes me smile and giggle every time that I see it.

Mondo Mustache Vinyl Laptop Art. 6 Styles To Choose From. FREE SHIPPING

They also have a few really great t-shirt designs.  Since I am sucker for zombie flicks I thought that I would post the pic of the Zombie hand t-shirt.  Again this is something that just makes me smile and is actually a piece that I might end up purchasing for my other half because as much as I love zombie movies, he loves them more. 

Silver Zombie Hand Gray Tshirt

Streamline Design is ran by the lovely and personable Darla Davis.  She is a PTO mom, wife, gardener who loves her irises, writer, and of course business owner.  She is much like myself in that she wears many different hats that make her life work.  They have a second website where you can visit Streamline Design but I had worked with her through her Etsy shop.  They started the business in 1998 and Darla was able to quit her previous day job to stay home after a few years of starting the business with her husband.  She was happy to get this opportunity so that she was able to stay home and spend more time with her kids and be involved in their schools more.  She has also enjoyed the additional time that she has gotten to spend with her dog.  She said that he would be happy to tell me about it himself but he was playing with toys and trying to trip her instead, which I am sure is one of his favorite games if he is like the dogs that I have owned in the past.

Of course you should also be aware that Streamline Design was started as a company that offered decals for cars.  After I learned this I checked them out and looked at some of the car decals.  I loved the fact that they offered you the chance to fully customize your design as well as having a full range of truck and racing stripes and the decals that many hunters and other niche groups enjoy.  Since you are my readers I must be one hundred percent honest in saying that I would not personally add a decal to my car because it is just not my thing but for those of you who are interested you might find that there are some great options and some designs that I have not previously seen which is something that I am always excited about.  These designs can be found here on their main website.  You will also find that they can make posters, business cards, canvas prints, and much more.  Plus you can always get one of their mustaches for your walls as well because who would not love to have a mustache hanging on their wall. 

Plus if you have imagined something then all you need to do is go to the Streamline Design Etsy shop and send a message to Darla.  She would be happy to help you come up with any design that you could possibly think of or dream about.  She is wonderful to work with and meeting the great people like Darla is just one of the many bonuses that I have found to the start of this blog.  Thanks again to Streamline Design

Now for the good news for your as readers, Darla from Streamline Design generously sent me a great moon decal.  You can enter the giveaway for this item here.  The one that she sent is a photo-tex image and smaller than the one in this picture but still a great deal for you to be able to try out their product and get a little bit of home decorating done in style. 

Photo Tex Moon Print - High Resolution Image on Adhesive Fabric

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