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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review URloved by MDamron

Art and children go together like peanut butter and jelly in this house.  My kids are constantly drawing and coloring or playing with other art supplies.  I love that they are so creative and I have a ton of fun with them when they are making and creating things.  One passion that I have is organization or new ways to organize things.  I am in the process of reorganizing our entire house so I have been busy in this area.  I am constantly searching for new ways that I can organize things.  So when I was looking for a way to organize my kids' art supplies I was looking for things that would travel well and I came across URloved by MDamron on Etsy.  The lovely shop features a variety of products but two of them really caught my eye.  These were the Children's Crayon Art Folio and the Mini Crayon Art Folio.  I thought that these were really adorable and something that my kids could use and would be great to grab in a hurry and travel with.  I contacted Meaghan from the shop and delighted to see how amazingly generous she was to work with. Not only did she offer me one of the mini crayon art folios but she also offered me a children's crayon art folio.  Then when things put her behind schedule and she had to send them to me later than planned, she added a second mini crayon art folio.  This was so generous and when we opened the package my three older children were so excited. 

Now I was faced with the issue of two of them getting mini ones and one of them getting a big one.  It was easy to figure out which one I was going to give to Althea becuase one was definitely made for a girl and two were definitely made for the boys.  I decided that since most of the review products I get were geared more towards the younger ones that I would let my oldest pick and he gladly chose the mini one which was what I would have given him anyways because I knew that my two year old would enjoy the bigger one much more.  The mini crayon folios are just $8 and the full sized larger one is just $20.  As a special bonus Meaghan includes stickers in each of her folios for your child to enjoy and play with.

So here is Andrew with the mini crayon art folio that he chose.  He really likes it and I am sure from this picture that you will all be able to tell.

Here is a shot of Althea with hers.  This is the one that was sent to us as an extra and there is no possible way that Meaghan could have known how much I loved rainbows but she did send this awesome rainbow and hearts one to me.

I must say that a favorite feature of this picture of mine is the fact that she has some cookie or cupcake frosting on her mouth.  So funny and something that I am sure that she is going to hate me for later but let's face it our kids are going to be mad about something and I am sure that frosting on the face is quite minimal in comparison to what it could be right?

Now for the full sized product that my two year old Huxley got, I love the fact that there are handles on it.  They are great becuase he is going to easily be able to carry it and that is something that at his age he seems to really enjoy.  He is always packing little bags and sometimes even his sister's purses so that he can take his toys with him wherever we go.

Here is a shot of the insides of each of them, again the rainbows was an awesome touch on this additional one that was sent to me.  Very cute and the paper and crayons are already there so they were ready to use.  I have bought a lot of crayon rolls and such in the past where I had to go out and purchase these items so I loved that they were included when I got the ones from URloved by MDamron.  Here is Andrew's....

and Althea's...

and Huxleys.

So now that you have seen the inside you are sure to need to see the outside.  So here we go these are so cute that I just love them.  Here's Andrew's....

and Althea's....

and Huxley's!

She sells many other great items in her shop like this awesome shopping cart cover.  Speaking of which I need one of these so of course after seeing the quality of her products this is going on my wish list of things for future purchases.  Plus at $35 this is a steal on a homemade shopping cart cover.  I have not seen many for this price or lower and most of the ones that I have looked at have been at least $40, so you would be saving money by going to her shop.

I love how cute and well detailed this is and the fact that it looks like it really would fit on those bigger shopping carts that so many covers end up falling short on.

She also features insulated water bottle carriers, and I personally love this design.

Insulated Water Bottle Carrier-Black and Teal Floral

And the last of her products that I was super impressed when I saw them was Love Your Lunch lunch bag with snack bags.  Who would have thought that it would only cost you $30 to purchase the lunch bag and the snack bags that your child will be able to carry for a long time, perhaps even more than one year.

LOVE YOUR LUNCH Lunch Bag and 2 Coordinating Reusable Snack Bags-Pirate Print

She, of course, has other products listed and featured on the page.  I love checking out her shop and find it to be one of the ones that I have started visiting more often just to see what she has in stock.

Now you can get to know a little bit of information about Meaghan Damron the creator of this amazing line of useful products for moms.  Remember that you can go to URloved by Damron at any time and find these great products available to you for your use.  Best of all is that the products are all under $35 that she currently has in her shop and some of them are as low as $5 which means that this can be a new stop for you to purchase some quality handmade goodies for birthday parties and other small gifts.

Meaghan lives in Sierra Vista, Arizona where she enjoys spending time with her husband of 5 years, her 3 year old son Gabe, and her 2 year old daughter Bentley.  She grew up in Columbus, Ohio with a sewing momma who handmade her clothes as a child and learned how to sew from her.  Like all kids she was resistant at first but when she received her first machine at the age of twenty five, she became hooked.  She was a hairstylist before she decided to stay at home with her children.  She swears that she is just a beginner since she is just going to be twenty eight in October but after looking over our folios she could have fooled me for a sewing expert.  I too got my first sewing machine not too long ago but I am nowhere near as talented as Miss Meaghan is but sure wish that I was.  She is a big fan of blogs especially those that are centered towards crafts and sewing.  She also enjoys testing out new patterns.  She is eager to learn new things.  She's hoping that she can expand her Etsy store and is hopeful that she can also own her own store one day.  She started the company URloved LLC with her husband because she believes that every person is loved in some way by someone and she puts a little bit of her love in everything that she creates and sews.  I would highly recommend you look at her shop and really think about how you can support this wonderful woman as she pursues her dreams of bring you a little bit of love in each product that you buy.


  1. Hi,
    I am Meaghan's Husband. I wanted to first thank you Amanda for taking the time to review and write about Meaghan's products. It feels, beyond expressible words how impressed I am with Meaghan for the amount of attention she gives her products and more importantly our children. I am honestly moved that someone else sees in her what I do everyday and hope that this will be the first of many. Thank you, and to all those who read this.... If you want heartfelt homemade products, Meaghan has it right! Thank you again and God bless.

    1. No problem. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to use the products and my children love them. It was a huge bonus getting to meet Meaghan through this project. I am happy to help her in any way that I can in the future. This has been a blessing to me getting to meet so many great small business owners and an inspiration to help promote them and get others to buy from them. Thank you too for your kind words, they mean a lot to me.