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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Are You Trying to Get Healthy or Lose Weight??

One thing that you will quickly learn about me is that I am not one to promote things.  I will review products and tell you about people that I love but I typically am pretty impartial and am not one to just say that one brand or one place is better than another.  I share my experience and when I find a shop owner to be particularly delightful to deal with then I decide to share things with you.  It is unlikely that I would say I like one product over another or that I would really push something.

I just wanted to state how out of character it was for me before I started telling you about Body by Visalus.  These shakes are like nothing that I have ever used before.  They are amazing!

I have found that I feel so much better when I drink these shakes.  I have more energy and am more focussed with my children.  I am able to do more and that makes me happy.  I love the taste of these and you can flavor them in any way that you like.  My favorite are ones that taste like peanut butter cups.  YUM!  They are amazingly delicious, low in calories, and really do make me more focussed which is hard since I have severe ADHD.

In fact I do not currently have insurance, long long story that I probably won't be sharing unless someone wants to know, so I have not been able to take my medications.  These shakes have helped with that mental clarity and focus that I really need.

I would highly encourage you to check them out.  It is super easy to cancel the autoship or to move your autoship to another date.  Plus it is affordable.  If you choose the autoship the one shake per day option is just under $60 and offers you the ability to drink one shake per day.  Lots of people are having amazing results with weight loss too.  I have lost some weight but I honestly have bad eating habits at the moment.  We have traveled and ate out way too much which has caused this issue.  So if you have thought about doing this you should check it out.  I will be running a special promotion that is going to be announced in the next blog post.  It is something that you can get excited about if you are interested in losing weight the Body by Vi way.

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