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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Organizational Helper: Packing Your Hospital Bag Before Baby

One of the most exciting times in your life will be the birth of your baby. The biggest stress & disappointment can come when you realize that you've forgotten something at home that you need or just want. So I'm going to try & help you by outlining some things that you might need.

For Momma During Labor--
1. Hard candy or gum (you won't be able to eat so something to help you along)
2. iPod/MP3 player & portable speakers or headphones
3. List of things you want/don't want during labor
4. Camera
5. Video camera (check with your midwife/OB & your hospital/birthing center)
6. Chic hospital gown (if you purchased one)
7. Computer
8. Phone
9. Journal
10. Kindle/book/magazines
11. Money for vending (a must if you have other children visiting)
12. List of phone numbers & people to call/text with the news
13. Your own pillow (a great way to make labor more comfortable)
14. Fluffy washcloths (very nice instead of those scratchy hospital ones)
15. Luxurious socks
16. Hair brush
17. Hair ties
18. Headbands
19. Nail polish (controversial for some but some moms just feel better if someone paints their toes...natural choices like my favorite, Mattie Cake's are available)
20. Nail clippers in case you forget to cut your nails

For Birth:
1. Have phones, cameras, & video cameras well charged
2. Baby book
3. Birthing ball (also good during labor)
4. Hot water bottle/rice heating pad (also good during labor)

For Baby:
1. Coming home outfit
2. Blankets (if you don't want to use the hospital's you might want a few)
3. Car seat that hasn't expired
4. Appropriately installed cat seat base in your car (go to the fire department if you're unsure how)
5. Diapers (if you want a specific brand or if your hospital will allow you to use cloth)
6. Other clothes/lap shirts & caps if you do not want to use the ones at the hospital
7. Socks
8. Sleep sacks/swaddle blankets
9. If you have older children photographs & pictures that they colored/drew to put in by crib
10. Small gifts for baby to "give" older siblings
11. Pacifiers if you want a specific kind
12. Nipple shields (if breastfeeding/attempting to breastfeed)
13. Bottles if you want a specific type
14. Formula if you want a specific type

For Momma While in the Hospital:
1. Snacks...it can take the hospital a while to get food to you...plus these come in handy for daddy & older brothers/sisters
2. Fluffy towels & wash clothes (surprisingly there are some cheap ones at Walmart that are high quality, $4 per towel!)
3. Loungewear/dresses/something to go home in
4. Loose shoes/flip flops...your feet could swell
5. Make up
6. Toiletries....toothbrush
7. Lotion that smells good...can double for massages during labor
8. Something for dirty clothes & towels to go home in
9. Mama cloth or post partum pads if you do not want what the hospital has.

Of course you might want some other things but this is a good list to start with!

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