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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Getting Organized....Step #1

Let me start off by saying that I have a very hard time geting organized.  I am in the process of building my full organization chart and schedule so that all of the things that need to be done get there before school starts. 

For those of you who would like to get organized with me.  I will be posting daily steps on my journey to do so. 

Today is Step #1--Make a List of Everything That Needs to Be Done!!!

The way that I am doing this is that I am going through each room of my house and listing what needs to be done in each of them.  This is all of the organization stuff that I will do today.  As I start the process I will post pictures, etc. of each step along the journey.  This step really does not have much in the way of pictures.  I will just type of my handwritten lists on here. 

The exact steps that I took were to list each and every room/area of my house.  Then I went through and listed everything that needed to be done in each of these rooms.  Below that is a short list of things that need to be done overall to get myself up and ready to go for school.

Back Entryway
--new high lock on the back door (one kids' can not reach)
--clean out pantry shelves
--clean out shoe box
--hooks for keys (high by the back door)
--pick out paint color and paint the area
--pain pantry

--clean out all cabinets
--Find simple organization system for cabinets
--clean out fridge and freezer
--make family planning/organization center and hang
--pick out paint color for the walls and paint them
--pick out paint color for the stove and refridgerator and paint them
--pick out paint color for the cabinets and paint them

Dining Room
--clean out file cabinet
--clean off/reorganize DVDs
--move buffet in and clean out the drawers/organize the top
--make art wall behind the buffet
--bring up second china cabinet and organize them both
--organize desk and desk shelf areas
--take 2nd tv/entertainment center to the basement
--take rocking chair to the basement
--move in child's table from the garage
--move in horse from the garage
--pick out paint color and paint
--organize toy area

D/S Bathroom
--organize the shelves and on top of the shelves
--put step stool in here so that I can reach on top of the shelves
--organize cabinet
--refurbish plastic drawers (make them pretty)
--reorganize plastic drawers
--organize shower
--organize potty closet (If you want to know our toilet is in a small separated closet like room.)
--organize shelves
--list items for sale or trade including all old diapers
--find new diaper organizing system (we cloth so this is going to be a chore)
--pick out paint color for cabinets and paint them
--pick out paint color for the room and paint it
--pick out paint color for the potty closet and paint it

Living Room
--build toy organization/bookshelf area--paint this the color of choice prior to assembly
--make bench seat
--make signs and pictures to hang in gallery format
--reogranize the entertainment center
--pick out paint and paint cheap tables (repurpose them!)
--organize all of the toys
--get rid of toys that the kids do not play with
--organize all table and shelf areas
--pick out paint color and paint

--completely reorganize

Coat Closet
--clean out game shelves/reorganize games to where they can be used in the bottom of the closet
--clean out smaller sized coats, list online
--clean out stuff from bottom of the closet, reorganize, throw away, and then put back away

My Closet
--reorganize the bottom of my closet, move stuff in and move stuff out, get rid of stuff, sell stuff
--go through shoes, list some for sale or trade

Adeline's Room
--clean up, put all furniture in there, reorganize

Allie and Hux's Closet
--hand up border
--paint dress up clothes wardrobe
--put dress up clothes away and put away in the closet
--clean out toys
--sell/throw away

Hux's Room
--reorganize and clean out the toys
--reorganize and clean out dresser
--get stuff figured out to hang up
--apply wall decal

Allie's Room
--reorganize all of the toys, get rid of toys, sell/list online the ones that are sellable
--paint bookshelf
--clean out bookshelf
--put all furniture away, figure out what needs to be hung up, apply decal

Andrew's Small Closet
--clean out toys, sell or throw away
--hang up sweatshirts, jackets, and button up shirts

Andrew's Large Closet
--clean out toys, sell or throw away
--organize the whole closet

Andrew's Room
--reorganize the dresser
--make bookshelf desk
--clear out the entertainment center/list for sale
--hang up decals
--organize organize organize

U/S Hallway

U/S Bathroom
--hang up decals
--reorganize toys
--reorganize cabinet
--reorganize towel shelf

--throw away, sell/list online
--set up office area
--set up game/mancave area
--set up spare bedroom area

--pick out paint for the stairs and slanted ceiling (pop of color)

Front Covered Porch
--take stuff out to the curb a little at a time
--clean and organize so that we can sit and enjoy being on the front porch

Daily Chores
--dishes two times
--meals, cooking
--laundry/put away clothes
--all d/s toys put away
--all u/s toys put away
--toy closets cleaned

Three Times Per Week
--clean d/s bathroom
--spot mop/steam mop

Once Per Week
--dust living room
--dust dining room
--dust my/Adeline's room
--dust Allie/Huxley's room & closet
--dust Andrew's room & closet
--clean u/s bathroom

Every Other Week
--move out stove and clean
--move out refrigerator and clean behind
--clean behind washer and dryer

--clean out refridgerator
--clean out cabinets
--clean out bathroom cabinets/drawers
--clean out closets/check out toys, etc.
--clean out coat closet
--check up on basement progress

So the next step is to put these all on calendars & check lists.  I hope that you enjoy and I am planning on using these for my family planning calendar that I am going to be putting up in my downstairs kitchen.

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