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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Where Have I Been?

So if you are following me, you have probably wondered where I have been lately, right? 
I guess I will give you all a bit of an update to my life and explain some of the things that have been going on that have kept me from you.  I have a new list of goals which will be posted next and yes there is a goal to at least make one post per day.  For now I have to share with you what is going on in several areas of life to express this situation.

First off, things with my oldest son's father are not good.  It is causing a lot of stress in our home because of things that my son tells me or says about me to him.  He is just manipulating the situation trying to make all parties feel sorry for him because of what is going on with us not getting along at all.  Let's face it, we do not just not get along.  No instead we are in a situation where we have problems all of the time.  So is life.  The sad thing is that we do not have problems because of my son. 

There are many isssues that we have problems over.  Most of them stem from some weird obsession that he has with me.  I say this because when I was living with my second ex-husband (gasp!  I know it is not cool that I have been married and divorced before 30 but life sometimes doesn't do what we think and I promise to tell you those stories one day) he would tell people that I was not happy with him.  He was really easy going and relaxed and did not pull half of the stuff that he is trying to pull now.  Enter Shane and I am the happiest that I have ever been in my entire life.  Well now there are problems.  He is so jealous that I am happy that I have a good life and that I have the life that I have always dreamed of.  I have everything that I wanted when I was with him and for some reason this is just not something that he can stand at all.

So my life is a constant world of strife and problems that stem from him wanting to control things that he should not even care about.  What goes on in my home, as long as his son is taken care of, should not matter to him but he is so nosy and he pressures my son into telling him who comes over, who we hang out with, and all kinds of things that he should not even want to know about.

Now there are lots of happy things about my life.  Let's see I am pursuing my dream of being an author.  I am talking to publishers and am actually in the process of writing my first novel.  I am hoping that it will be published sometime around the end of this year/beginning of next.  The best part about this for me is that I am turning thirty and I will be accomplishing my goal to be published during the same year that I hit this milestone age.  I have four amazing, smart, and gorgeous children.  I have the man of my dreams, who is so much more than I could have ever imagined.  I am writing for a living now with freelance work and some stuff that I am working on under a pen name because of the nature of the style of writing.  There's more but I won't bore you with what I love about my life.

On top of this stress, I have been taking my older daughter, Althea to the eye doctor and trying to cure a bad stye.  It is a horrible thing to have to hold her down to put the warm compresses on or to do the medication.  So this has been a lot of stress, a lot of additional work, and many trips to the doctor who is located about an hour away.  Plus she is turning 4 next Sunday so I have been shopping for birthday gifts (a make up set from ULTA and a Brave costume from mommy and daddy, a new Balerina princess doll to put into her requested "Barbie" rainbow cake--this will be featured in a post complete with pictures, and from the other kids a Brave crown set and wig).  We are not having a birthday party for the kids.  I am making cakes or cupcakes on each of their birthdays and we are taking trips instead of the parties.  We will have kids' parties when they are old enough.  Andrew is getting a party with the kids from Cub Scouts on his actual birthday. 

We have not planned the summer birthday trip because we are waiting to find out about her eye and whether or not she can go swimming because for now she can not.  We will be planning a fall/winter trip in November in the following years for the other three birthdays but for this year it is going to be for two so that we can still have a special first birthday party for the baby.

So as you can tell, life is crazy!  I am far busier than I could have imagined that I would be and I am going to be working hard to be posting more on here.  I have weekly goals that I am going to post every Sunday night for the week to  come. 

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