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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Little Firecrackers

So the 4th of July has always been a holiday that I enjoy.  I mean, come on, let's admit it we all like watching stuff blow up!  Fireworks are something that I still enjoy and now I have my own firecrackers to enjoy them with.

I thought that you would enjoy seeing how my little ones looked on the 4th of July this year.

This is the 4 of my loves watching the fireworks.  They were not even the big ones and you can see that they all were enjoying them.  Huxley, Althea, Adeline and Andrew.  Notice that they are all sporting their red, white and blue 2nd outfits in this picture.  They were all dressed up earlier for the day while we picniced with grandma and grandpa too.

Here's a few of Miss Adeline on her first 4th of July!  I love her to pieces and been so blessed to be able to be her mommy!

As always these days, she is sucking her thumb.  To be honest, I could not get over how cute these little baby capris were.  It made me wish that I had purchased several other pairs in different colors when I was shopping.

Here she is with her hat on.  I love the face that she is making here, she was ready for hoer nap!

In her second 4th of July outfit that her great grandma sent her.

Here she is with her special onesie sticker on.  I love this picture so much!!  On a side note, I can't believe how much of a big girl my baby is.

Here is my Huxley.  He was insistent upon pretending to take my picture while I took his picture.  This child of mine sure is a little character!!  He is hilarious!!

Here is Althea looking pretty as ever.  She is such a sweet girl and she was doing her "pretty" pose for this one.  This outfit was courtesy of her grant-grandma too!

Here is my big boy, I can not believe that he will be 9 in a few short weeks.  He is sporting a shirt from his great grandma as well.  So cute! 

On a quick side note.  Great grandma sent Huxley a shirt too but it was too big.  When I went to return and exchange it there were no more available so  he just ended up with the one 4th of July shirt that I had purchased him.  We got a really cool Batman shirt with the money from the other shirt and he loves it!

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