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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Swap Sites: A Great Way to Save Money and DeClutter

So one of my favorite things in the world is trading goodies online.  I love to be able to trade things that I am no longer using for things that I can use or my family can use.  In some cases I have even gotten lucky and gotten brand new items that I could use as gifts.  There are tons of crafy and talented moms and vendors out there that enjoy trading as well.

My personal favorite website to do these trades through is Diaper Swappers.  Of course this is technically a cloth diaper website but it is also a website for those crunchier mommas out there that want to be able to find sustainable good high quality items for trade.  My post man is constantly commenting on the volume of things that come in the mail for me but I always giggle because most of them are free.

Do you have some type of website like this that you use?  I used to be a big fan of Thred Up until they changed their service.  I've been looking for more mom swap websites so please share if you have some ones that I should be checking out.

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