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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting My Body by Vi On!! Challengers Please Introduce Yourself and Feel Free to Share Your Own Success Stories

I am so excited to share with you all of the amazing things that I learned about Body by Vi last Friday night.  First of all I learned what type of nutrition is offered in the Body by Vi shakes.  There is way more nutrition in these then I had relized prior to this time.

First of all the shakes are just $1.50 each!  Wow!  Where else are you going to get a nutritious meal for $1.50.  I don't think that you can do this anywhere.

There is only 1 gram of fat, 75 mg of sodium, less than 1 gram of sugar, and 7 grams of carbohydrates.

There are 5 grams of fiber, and there is serving of probiotic fiber, only 5% of daily cholesterol intake at 15 mg.  Plus you get a full 12 grams of fiber and all of this for just 90 calories.  So if you are making your shake with 8 oz of skim milk then it is just 170 calories.

I must be honest I had someone else (my dad) pick up milk for me on the way to my house and he accidentally got 1%.  The calorie total of this with the shake is 190 calories so not that many more and they are super creamy and delicious without any add ins.  So I would recommend this to someone who wanted a big more flavorful and creamy shake.

There are many amazing benefits that you can get just from drinking one shake per day.  You can maintain lean muscles which will help you to burn more fat.  You can improve concentration.   You are getting great nutrition and a balanced meal ein your shake.  It will boost your metabolism and you will be less hungry.  Plus you will have heart, digestive, and bone health.

I can ensure you only of the benefits to your digestive system b/c I have had chronic stomach aches and tummy troubles since childhood and never found the cause.  When I drink these shakes my tummy just works better and I feel better.  I don't feel so weighted down and I don't feel sick to my stomach.

The energy that you get from the shakes is so amazing too.  I started my new 90 day challenge today and I was able to keep up with all of the Cub Scouts at camp and able to give history of the circus presentations with spunk the entire day through.  Then I was able to come home and really play with my baby.

Best of all is that it is 7 pm and I am still full.  I made a few choices that I wish that I made differently out of the fact that it was still very hot today and I just wanted to relax and get some writing work done. 

Today's Menu

Breakfast--Body by Vi shake
1 cup cooked brown rice with a bit of fat free butter spray
Snack--scoop of popcorn (we served popcorn to all of the scouts today and this is one of my weeknesses)
Lunch--Body by Vi shake
chicken flavored noodle soup
Snack--another scoop of popcorn
Dinner--homemade cheese sticks prepared with low fat string cheese and baked in the oven (these are surprisingly healthy and they cured my bad craving.  I know that this was not the healthiest choice but for today this was what I was craving.)
Late Night Snack--a few Laffy taffy's and a couple suckers

In comparison to my normal days this was an awesome day.  I stayed within my calorie goals and did pretty good not to go over!  This was a huge accomplishment b/c when I am hot I often times do not want to cook and make the healthier meals that I should.

However you can see there was not a lot of bad for me stuff.

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