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Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Fun Facts, Thanks Sugar Plums and Lollipops

So I was checking out one of the newest blogs that I follow, Sugar Plums and Lollipops, and I saw this fun little survey.  I thought that my readers would enjoy reading this as much as I did and finding out a little bit more about me.  So here goes.

This is simply a random questionaire.

1.  If you could speak 3 different languages in addition to the one you speak now, what would they be?
1.  Spanish
2.  Mandarin
3.  French

2.  When you are board what do you usually do?
get lost on Pinterest, catch up on Facebook, blog, read, or write...it's not often that I am bored thanks to being mommy to four amazing and active children

3.  Are you addicted to anything?
Powerade Zero and Gatorade G2 and currently Oreos :)  This changes all of the time.

4.  What song is stuck in your head right now?
"Waste" Phish (feel free to listen if you are interested)

5.  Ever have a prank go wrong?
I know that I have.  I am trying to think of an instance that I can mention on here (keeping it family friendly folks).  When I was a kid I pranked around with my brother and told him that he was adopted all of the time.  If you saw the two of us together you would understand just how completely absurd this really is.  Anyways he actually had nightmares about being adopted so this was probably the worst thing that I have done in my life in the form of a prank gone wrong.

Here is my brother for those of you that are interested.

Here I am...as you can see we look quite a bit alike!

6.  Favorite lollipop flavor?
My favorite flavor of lollipop is probably the charms caramel green apple.  Yummy!!

7.  Favorite pizza topping?
I have two
1.  thin St Louis style crust with tomato sauce, almonds, roasted garlic, spinach, broccoli, ricotta, parmesan and provel
2. thin St Louis style crust with garlic and olive oil, walnuts, blue cheese, mozzerella, and parmesan

8.  How do you eat Oreos?
I think that I eat them backwards from everyone else. I actually peel the frosting out of the middle and set on my plate then eat the cookies plain.  Finally when all of my cookies are gone I savor the cream filling.  This is my favorite splurge right now, seriously I am obsessing over them.

9.  What age did you find out that Santa is not real?
I honestly don't remember.  I had a brother that was five years younger than me so I pretended for so long afterwards that I have no idea.

10.  Stupidest thing you did this week?
I opened my big mouth when I should have kept it closed.  You will see in the future that this is a trend of mine.  Something was said to me that I should have been quiet and mature about but I was so upset that I blurted out something stupid.


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