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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review Happy Green Bee

Organic clothing is my new obsession for my kids and this is all because off this amazing reversible knot dress that I got for Miss Adeline from Happy Green Bee.  This dress is amazing.  Not only is it riddiculously adorable but also it is so soft.  Even Adeline thinks that it is soft.  When I put this dress on her she snuggles it and cuddles into it like she would a blanket.  She loves it that much.  In all honesty I understand though because it does feel like a blanket to me as well.
The Reversible A Line Sun Dress sells for $24 and thanks to the quality I believe that this is a steal.

Adeline is 8 mos old and this dress fits her pretty well, although I will admit that it is a bit big.  It is the size small which is supposed to be 6 mos to 1 year.  I would say that the sizes run pretty true to size, if not a little big.  Adeline is a tiny baby and still wears some size 6 mos Carters dresses as long as they are long enough.  I would recommend reading the sizing chart.  Adeline is just at 16 lbs so she is at the bottom of the weight range for the size so I would imagine that they are pretty spot on.

I just love the polka dot side so much that we have not used the striped one.

Here is a picture from their website of the striped side.

Reversible A-Line Sundress

I'm really thinking that I need to buy her these leggings.  They are just $4.50.  The Calypso pants above are $24.

Footless Tights

There are some tops and other items as well on the website.  Plus if you are a bargain hunter than their is an awesome cleareance selection for you to choose from.

They have this A Line Sundress for just $10 on clearance.

A-Line Sundress

And if I were to have my way I would pick up all of the following items for my kiddos.

These footless tights for $2.50 each.

Footless Tights

These Pixie Pants for $5.

Pixie Pant

Pixie Pant

I mean, seriously how cute are these pants and they are just $5 a pair and organic cotton!  This is amazing!

This adorable dress is just $12.

Petal Dress
This chemise for $5.

These cardigans are just $7.  So cute and perfect for boys or girls.


Kimono tops!!  $4...it just keeps getting better and better!!!

These adorable ribbed tanks for $4.

Tank Top
Some adorable board shorts that look to have a longer rise than most shorts so I am going to guess that they would fit well over cloth, plus again they are just $5.

Board Shorts
What a cute swimsuit for $7. 

Girls Sport Suit
A really cute muffin hat for $3.

Muffin Hat
Organic cotton tights for $2, seriously just $2!!!

Footed Tights
An adorable reversible hoodie for $12.

Reversible Hoodie
And onesies for $4. 

Infant Short Sleeve One-sie

You wanna hear the best news, Happy Green Bee is offering a giveaway of any item of your choice from their clearance store to the winner.  So leave me a comment and let me know what you would pick out if you win the giveaway and enter here.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Those cardigans! I have to have those cardigans! SO cute!