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Monday, August 20, 2012

Initials Inc Shopping Opportunity with Possible Giveaways!!! (valued at up to $75!!!!)

I love shopping and I love creative products that make my life easier.  Plus this month only you can take advantage of a great deal.  You can purchase a lunch lady lunch bag for just $12.50 with any purchase of $35 or more.  This is a steal. (You can read more about the lunch lady below.)  Remember that personalization is always free!!

One company that I really love is Initials Inc.  They have so many cute things that will make your life easier.  I have a whole list of products that are my personal favorites.

If you want to shop you can check out my online book party link here.

I am giving you all an opportunity to get something for free if my party hits a high enough amount of goodies sold.  I can't really afford to offer a giveaway if this is not the case.

So there are some incentives to shopping with me over the other people out there.  I will use a random number generator so I can add in the orders that I have gotten on paper and this is how I will choose a winner for any giveaways.

If my party reaches $550, I will offer a lunch lady (lunch box that can double as a great way to carry mommy's milk or as a make up bag) and your choice of a compact or a key fob.  Total value $31

The lunch lady is a personalized lunch bag that comes in five different prints.  It is not just a great lunch box but it can also carry your mommy milk or even be a make up bag if you are not the lunch carrying type.  It is valued at $25.  Plus you get your choice of personalization.


You would get your choice of the adorable compact or a key fob.  Compacts come in 4 different colors.  Key fobs come in five different fabric choices.  You can organize your key fob to match a purse or to make the sash that you put around the top of your purse.  It's a great deal.

If my party reaches $650 I will offer the above things as well as a clip it case, sneak a peak, sash, or buttoned up sash.  Total value up to $39.   The clip it case is a great little case that you can get to put stuff in and hang on the side of your purse.  I plan on getting one of these and putting my keys in here as well as putting in a tube of lipbalm.  It comes in five different fabric choices as well.  The sneak a peek is one of the most adorable mirrors that I have seen.  It buttons on to your bag and looks like an adorable flower but the backside is a mirror.  The sneak a peek comes in eight different colors.  There are twelve choices with the sash and it is made to go around the top of the handbags.  You can then change how your handbag looks to fit your personality.  This is one of the things that I am super excited about.  The buttoned up sash is made for the same purpose and you can get it in fourteen different options.

If my party reaches $750 I will offer up all of the above and a tech pouch.  Total value up to $55.

The tech pouch is perfect for all of you with kids.  These are a great way to store their iPod touches and headphones.  They will both fit inside and you can always be sure that their iPod is protected.  You can store other items in there as you see fit.  It comes in five six different colors that are perfect for kids or adults.

If my party reaches $1000 I will offer up all of the above and a tech wallet, wallet, travel wallet, game on pouch, zip around, a just in case, or a flat iron case.  Total value up to $75!!!  The tech wallet is similar to the tech pouch except it is a wallet too.  The best part about this one is that it actually will fit an iPhone in the outside pocket and you can fit a camera in the middle.  So it doubles as your wallet, a place to carry your phone, and a camera case.  It has a wristlet strap so it is perfect if you are going out to use when you do not want to carry anything else or to be able to just throw into the diaper bag.  There are seven different options for you to choose from with this one.  The wallet is adorable and matches some of the nicer handbags or will look perfect with any purse that you have.  The travel wallet matches the adorable line of travel bags and suitcases.  It is a great choice for you if you travel on a regular basis as you can coordinate with your other options.  The game on pouch features your choice of initial and is great for any handheld gaming device.  This is perfect for that little gamer or budding photographer as they can even store their sd cards in there.  There are six different options to choose from.  The zip around is a great bag.  It easily stuffs inside itself so that you can carry it anywhere that you are going.  It fits nicely inside of any purse or handbag and is perfect to use as a shopping tote or to have if you need a place to store dirty or wet clothes that you were not expecting to need a bag for.  It is a great option to carry in your diaper bag as well.  There are four different options with this one.  The just in case is a great little case to carry in your purse.  It matches the other adorable accessories for the handbag line and can be personalized.  It is a great option to carry those essentials that you might not want everyone to see inside your bag.  There are five choices for you to choose from with this one.  The flat iron case comes in three choices and is a great place to put your hot curling irons or flat irons after you have finished your hair.

With any of these prizes you will be able to get the personalization and color choices that you want.  Plus you get to pick between the different options.

Orders have to be received by Saturday at 8 pm so that I can contact winners and get the party all closed up by Sunday. 

The things that are on my huge shopping list include the following.

For mommy:  The black and white striped item is awesome.  It is an all weather blanket that zips up, is completely wipeable and is waterproof.  It is only $38 and something that we will personally use at festivals, the park, and picnics.  This is the one item that is imy favorite.

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