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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One of Those Days....Times Two

Have you ever had those days where you think that everything is going wrong?  Well I have had one of those todays today and this was after having one of those days yesterday.  I figured that other mommas out there would enjoy this post and have a good laugh at the days that I have had.

Yesterday started off with a bang, I got all of the kids up, dressed and ready to head out and we went to the park.  Then my oldest, Andrew, had an appointment and this is where things started to go downhill.  As I was trying to talk to the pracitioner he was running around, Althea, and Huxley were trying to chase him and Adeline was getting grumpy. 

I figured that we could turn things around and I called Shane and got him to actually take a lunch break and go out with us.  Lunch went well, Andrew, Althea, and Adeline ate really well and Huxley slept through the whole thing.  I then dropped Shane off back at home to work while I took the kids to pay for Andrew's soccer and then to take them to get groceries.  I got paying for soccer half accomplished, the sports director had forgotten to put Andrew on the list so they would not let me pay until after I had talked to him. 

Then we went to the grocery store and my usually well behaved children started acting very naughty.  At one point they started running from me and running up and down the isles as I tried to shop.  Now I will admit that I am not always the most patient mommy but I was really trying, asking them nicely to stop and at this point my oldest got in my face and started yelling at me that he got to go to his dad's at three so he did not have to listen to me.

So I pushed my cart aside and took all of them home.  I had to come up with an appropriate punishment.  At nine years old I think that my oldest should be able to stand nicely besides my cart and walk with me. So I grounded him from his iPod for one day and told him that he was not returning to store with me for a month. 

Now my four old has learned quite a bit about having a not too nice mouth from her big brother.  She looked at me and called me a "big fat meanie."  So I decided that this was too much for me and she too got in trouble.  She got taken home to take a nap and since she didn't she got to go to bed early and she got told that she would not get to go to the store with me for a while. 

I have never been more embarassed but I guess with four kids I should get used it. 

Oddly, Huxley was the good one of the bunch.  He is not usually the good the one so this was a big surprise for me.  He is usually far worse than Althea but not yesterday, yesterday he was good.

Today I am just tired, not sure why but I guess I am just not sleeping well and I don't feel the best.  I want to be able to have energy and have fun with the kiddos.  I was kind of grumpy today and just in a funky mood.  I didn't feel well and even got sick several times today.  It is one of those days where you can tell that I was a lazy mom and that I was not as attentive with the kiddos that I usually am because I was not doing well.

So I guess tomorrow can only get better.  I have got to start thinking of things that I can do with the kids because I think that this is our main problem.  They are just bored and acting up. 

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