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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Big Day is Tomorrow

So tomorrow is the big day for me to get a haircut.  I know that this might not sound like a big deal to all of you but I am donating my hair so it is going from being halfway down my back to being very very short.  I am pretty nervous but I know that this is for a great cause and it will make some child very happy.  I was originally going to be donating to Locks of Love.  I know that they are a great organization and I think that anyone who feels compelled to donate to them should. 

I have however chosen to go with Children with Hairloss which is a little bit different and allows the donations to be a bit shorter which will give me a bit more length which is personally a bit better for my needs. 

I am encouraging my readers to donate their hair.  If you donate or if your child donates please email me at amandatroike@gmail.com with the subject: HAIR DONATION (all caps please).  I would love to spotlight people who are doing positive things and if possible post pictures in a blog post.  I can certainly understand you not wanting your child's picture posted but I will only write the blog post as you request if you'd allow me to use images, etc.

I just want to recognize the good that is out there and post a little something positive.

I am going to post my pictures tomorrow.  I am so nervous that I don't know that I will really be able to sleep tonight. 

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