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Monday, August 20, 2012

My Crazy Week, Things for You to Look Forward to

I just wanted to reach out and say hi to my new followers.  I have noticed that there are a few of you out there and I so enjoy knowing that someone is actually reading the things that I post.  I love writing and it has been a dream of mine to be read for a while.

I have one heck of a busy week ahead of me.  I am starting some new things in my life too.  Shane's mom gave me a very nice new Bible for my birthday and I am determined to get some use out of it so I am starting a daily devotion today.  I have the Busy Mom's Devotional and this is what I am going to be using.

Recently I have been waking up with some horrific cramping and pains in my joints and they last all day long whenever they start.  I know that I need to lose the excess 70 lbs that I am carrying around on my frame and that this is going to help me immensely and I know the other thing to do is to get out and get moving.  So I am determined to do daily yoga and to walk at least five times per week.  Today I walked a mile.  I will be doing yoga before bed tonight.

Today was a really great day so far.  I have only had my oldest two home with me as my youngest two went home with grandma and grandpa last night.  I miss them both but it is horrible being away from the baby.  She is so attached that it is crazy for her to be gone.

So this week is going to be crazy.  Tomorrow is the last day before Andrew starts school, oh my!!  I can't believe that he is going to be a 4th grader.  Sometime I have to drive to Peoria to pick up Althea's birth certificate so I will probably do that on Wednesday afternoon after lunch.  The idea of going to the court house with three of the kids is rough but she needs it for school.  We have so many ohter things to think about with soccer practice, fishing with grandma and grandpa for the oldest, Andrew. 

Soon we will have dance for Althea and tumbling starting for Huxley on top of Andrew being in soccer.  I am trying to finish up my first book, so exciting for me, hoping that I will be published by the end of the year.  So there is a ton going on with my freelance work and with all of the things happneing on the blog.  So here is what you can expect this week on the blog.

1.  Tupperware
2.  Choco Venyl
3.  Brenda's Bows
4.  Sew Wickedly Sweet
5.  Khloe's Boutique
6.  Being Made New
7.  Iko Plus
8.  Abby's Fabrics
9.  Thirty One Products
10.  Tommee Tippee

1.  City Stic

Shopping Opportunities
1.  (for one week only) Initials Inc!

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