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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Adventure Wednesday Number 1

I love our adventure Wednesdays.  They have been a great break for our summer.  This one was so much fun and a great first choice.  We traveled to Starved Rock State Park in Utica IL and after having a little mishap on the drive up (I'm kind of known for getting lost.) we ended up having a blast and even had some friends with us.  We did decide that this one was best suited for grandma to watch the baby so that I could really help hike with the kids.  There was a lot of walking and honestly I think that Adeline would have liked it but it would have required more time for me to be able to stop with her and change diapers and have a bottle and all of those good things that go along with a baby. 

We had some friends with us this week too.  My friend Erin came along with her son Seth.  They were a joy to hang out with and the mommas even got to do a little wine tasting afterwards which made for a relaxed mood for the drive home.  I did say tasting too, no full glasses. 

Now of course I have to mention that we have not had enough rain here in IL as of late.  So when we went it was unfortunate that the waterfalls were not flowing.  We are going to have to go back again after we have had some good rains so that my kids get to see the waterfalls I think that they were a bit disappointed.

Here is Huxley taking a break from all of the stairs.  He kept sitting down, posing, and asking to have his picture taken.  Can you tell that I take his picture a lot?

Here is posing again.  This time he is hanging out on one of the look out decks on the benches that are built in there.

Here are Althea and Huxley sitting on a big log that we found.  They were having so much fun checking out things in nature that it was hard to get them to both look at me at the same time and obviously in this case it did not happen.

Here is Huxley looking into the woods at a squirrel that was making some noise.  He loved seeing all of the animals and was often times fascinated by them.

Here is Erin's son, Seth.  I love that he wore a hat and he won for the cool shirt of the day since his changed color in the sun. 

Andrew taking a break and yes he is helping his momma out some and carrying her bag.  I had just finished wearing Althea and he had been helping with the bag while I was wearing her.

Althea sitting pretty, as always since she is the little princess.

Even without the baby with me I did not get a day off of hiking and babywearing.  Althea decided that she was tired and that her "little legs hurt" and I wore her for a while to help her out on the long hike.  There were a ton of stairs there.

Here I am with Erin.  I should have had Andrew do a waist up picture so that I would not look so fat next to her.  On a side note, you all now know why I am super workout mode because Erin is going to be at Phish with us and I do not want to look like a fat cow when I am standing next to her.  To be honest even at my goal weight I will still be quite a bit bigger than her but right now I am at a riddiculous weight and probably litterally twice her size.

All the kids posing.  I love that Huxley is standing just like his big brother.

So cute!  Again Huxley is really mimicking his big brother.

And again! 

Here are the four kids, they look kind of bored in this one!

And again wtih big smiles on their faces.  I am so blessed with the world's most wonderful kids and some of the world's most wonderful friends.

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