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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review Briggle Sticks

My son is definitely one of those sensitive boys who likes to know that he is loved and cared about.  He is a sweet child and loves to get things like mail so when I found Briggle Sticks I was excited to be able to get the chance to review their useful lunchbox notes.  First of all I had to say that I thought that these were adorable.  I love the fact that they said perfect things for my son who is soon to be 9.  I always find that so many things are either made for younger kids or seem girly if they are made for his age.  I am very excited to use these in his lunch but sadly did not get to last year because they were sent to me at the end of the school year and my crazy kid decided that he actually wanted to eat some school lunches.  I would have looked at school lunch as a punishment because I have always been a pickier eater (probably why going vegan is an easy fthing for me to do).  However my son acts like it is a treat to get the gross processed foods that the school serves as part of a healthy lunch.

I did take pictures of all of the adorable lunch box notes and here they are.

I love how encouraging they are and that they say such positive things.  I like that there are so many different choices too and even one to reward him for studying and working hard on something.  I always think that it is nice to mention when they are doing something good and working hard on something so this will be the perfect opportunity to do so.  I alwso love the one that says "I am so happy you are my son" because I am certain that I do not say this to him enough.

I like these too.  I love the "I believe in you" one becuase I think that this is something that all of our kids need to be told and need to hear from us on a regular basis.

Now of course this would not be one of my reviews if I did not talk about the shop owner of Briggle Sticks for a bit.  Annette the owner of Briggle Sticks was very kind and a pleasure to work with.  I was so happy to get the chance to work with her.

There are a lot of other great products at Briggle Sticks.  All of the cards are just as adorable as these and are completely hand drawn.  The fact that they are hand drawn really means a lot to me and makes it something a bit more personal.

Let's face it, we all know that we would love to get a worm love card.  I know that I sure would.  Plus at $3 it is actually a more affordable card than most of the ones that I find that I like at the store.

Worm Love hand drawn card on brown recycled paper

I was also particularly fond of the set of vegetable greeting cards that is available for just $10.

  Vegetable Greeting Cards set of 4

You should also check out the adorable wedding cards that are available if you an upcoming wedding to go to.  I personally like this one the best but there are plenty for you to choose from when you are looking to find the right one that is going to say exactly what you would want for it to.

Hideous bridesmaid card hand drawn on brown recycled kraft

You are also able to check out the Briggle Sticks Facebook page.  There are a ton of examples of past cards.

The lunchbox notes are one of the top three best sellers for the shop owner.  While she has no children of her own, she loves knowing that parents can use these to be able to connect more with their kids.  It makes her very happy that she is able to be a part of this connection with the notes.  The best part is that since these are not expensive and they do not take up much time.  It has been told to her that many children have loved finding these great notes in their lunch box.  (On a side note I am sure that my son is going to love getting these too.  I am working hard this year to create some great lunches that I have seen featured with a bento box because that is what they are all getting.  This way all I have to do with lunch is make them all the morning of and then each of my kids will be ready at lunch time.)

She is thirty three and is planning her own rustic barn wedding.  IF you happen to purchase from her or if you are able to stop by her FB page you should congratulate her on her upcoming nuptuals.  For her wedding she plans on utilizing homemade pies, tree limb centerpieces, vintage plates, mason jars, and burlap.  When I hear her mention these things I am jealous as one day I hope to marry Shane, my other half and I would love a wedding in similar fashion to this one. I guess this is one advantage of living in the middle of nowhere I could probably accomplish something rustic like this here.

A lot of time is also spent thinking about school because she is hoping to become a massage therapist in the near future.  She will be finishing up next spring.  She thinks that the best part of this career is going to be being able to offer healing to people and relaxation in their busy lives.

With Biggle Sticks there has been an opportunity to connect with people each day and to be able to help them to connect with those who mean the most to them in their lives.  The downfall to the electronic society is that we are so used to getting instant results and our communication and connection with other people has been limited.  Her goal is to help people get back to sending letters and cards more than sending emails and texts.  We all know how joyous we feel when we do get a nice letter or card in the mail so why don't we send them more often.  Thanks for pointing this out to me as now I am going to set up a challenge to send a letter a week for one year.  It is so true what she said that five minutes of your time writing a letter can add joy and brighten someone's day.

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