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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spotlight Review Emmi Lou's Designs

I LOVE boutique clothing items and I love finding great handmade boutique shops that offer high quality items for you to enjoy.  I am so excited that I am going to be able to offer a $25 gift certificate from Emmi Loo's Designs on my upcoming giveaway for the cloth diaper hop.  There are so many things in the shop that I would love to own, so I am sure that there is going to be something that you would like to own. 

I first noticed Emmi Loo's Designs when I was looking for cute outfits for Adeline.  I love her onesies that are designed to be adorable.  The one below was one that I really am quite surprised that I have not purchased yet.

Adorable Jellyfish Frilly Romper - Too Cute for the BEACH

These great bloomers are going to be adorning Miss Adeline's butt at her first birthday party while she is enjoying her cake.  I'm hoping to get a bib to match so that she looks adorable while she is making a mess of herself.

LOOK WHoo's One Baby Bloomers - Adorable Owl Applique With Polka Dot Bows

She also offers pillow case dresses, tshirts, and tanks.  I personally enjoy the sets because I am one of those moms that appreciates making my little girls look alike.

Adorable Happy Frog Appliqued Lettuce Edge Tee - Ta Dot - Summer - READY TO SHIP

So you can see that there sure are a lot of different options for you with this one great boutique shop.  She has a lot of great items and many things that I am sure that you will enjoy for your little one as much as I would.

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