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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review Mattie Cake's

Since I have an infant girl I, of course, want to be able to paint her nails.  However I am crazy when it comes to chemicals being around my baby and the thought of something that is not natural touching her almost drives me crazy.  I must admit that I am a bit nuts when it comes to this and I am not normal.  So of course I set out to find the most natural nail polish that I could.  I looked all over the place and found lots of "natural" products that had ingredients in them that I did not know what they were or understand.  This frustrated me a bit and made me wonder how they could call the items natural.

Maybe my thoughts and expectations of natural are not normal.  When I think of all natural, I think of something that has been grown out of the ground.  I think of something that I know what it is and something that comes from nature, hence the term natural.

What I found was Mattie Cake's All Natural Nail Polish.  This stuff is definitely all natural as it comes from fruits and vegetables.  Best of all is the fact that there is no need for chemical polish remover with this.  Instead you just let the polish soak in a bit of water and peel it off.  I peeled off Adeline's after her bath one day and it did come right off.  However on the days that I did not try to peel it off it continued to have staying power after her bath.  I did not test the nail polish on Althea because she is quite picky with colors and did not want the colors that I had of this polish. 

I found Mattie Cake's all on my own shortly after Adeline was born and I ordered two bottles a bright pink and a pastel pink.  The pastel pink is sweet and a great little girl color.  The bright pink is a neon color and very bright.  It was not what I had pictured in my mind but was very cute with the right outfits.  Then when I told the owner, Debbie, about how much I loved them and about my blog and she offered me a great cherry fizz color.  So I am here now to review the nail polish.  I have to be honest Mattie Cake's is something that I love and something that I see myself purchasing a lot of in the future.

First off I must show you all a picture of Miss Adeline's clean little toe nails.  This is before we painted them with our new Mattie Cake's nail polish.

Here they are just after we painted them.  I had to wait for them to dry so that I could peel off the little area in which I painted her big toe because she moved.  Don't judge folks she was only three and a half months old. 

Here is the information that came with the nail polish for you to know what is in them as well as how to remove it.  I really liked that it was so detailed and it really helped to make me feel at ease with using this on my baby's precious little toes.

Here is a close up of the nail polish itself.

And here are the toes together.  How sweet are these little toes!  I just love them so much!

Another one and this one shows all of the little areas that had tobe cleaned up afterwards because she is a squirmy wormy.

And after they have been cleaned up a bit.  They look much nicer here.

Now here is something that you are going to love.   The generous Debbie from Mattie Cake's has offered this great giveaway for all of you.  Three bottles of her great nail polish.  I would like to win this giveaway but since I can't I hope that one of you will win it and share pictures of your sweet little one's toes with me afterwards.

Before I leave you I would love to tell you a bit about Debra Marino.  This sweet full time mommy of three is a certified dietician and a certified registered physician's assistant and has an extensive background in chemistry.  She decided to come up with this fabulous nail polish when she was pregnant with her third child.  She did not want to be around any of the harmful and toxic chemicals in the common nail polish.  Not only did she want to be able to paint her own nails but her daughters as well.  This nail polish is made completely out of fruits and vegetables.  The name Mattie Cake's was chosen because it is her son's nickname.

There are a lot of special things about Mattie Cake's natural nail polish that Debra is proud of.  The biggest of these is that it is the only nail polish in the entire world that is made from fruits and vegetables and is completely odorless and non-toxic.  She has created over one hundred different colors that she likes to share with you.  Best of all is the fact that it dries quickly and lasts as long as it's chemical laden counterparts.  And you are going to find that your little ones can practice painting their own nails and yours becuase it is going to come out of carpet with water and in most cases it will come out of clothing.  Dog's nails can also be painted with this without fear of them being harmed or injured in any way.

I did originally purchase my Mattie Cake's from the Etsy shop which is located here.  The other links are for the direct website since I noticed that the Etsy shop did not have any current items available for purchase.

For those of you participating in my referral contest I am going to be self sponsoring a bottle of this nail polish to add to this prize package as well.  I have the hot pink color up for grabs because while I think that it would look cute with the right outfit it is just not something that we have used and not something that we would use in the future because we do not own any clothes this color.

These polishes retail for $7 each.  If you are purcahsing online though there are a variety of additional choices where you can save additional money.

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