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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spotlight Review Sunbaby Size 1 vs Size 2 Diapers

Sunbaby Diapers have long been a favorite of mine.  I love them.  I was so glad to have discovered them nearing the birth of number four.  They are so cute and something that I really like.  I love that the Microfiber inserts hold up and are super absorbent.  I also love the price point because they are so reasonable.  You can order them their website but they are not really carried by any retail stores.  I've heard a lot of people complain about the length of time that it takes to get them but honestly I love them far more than you could imagine and am super happy with all of this.

I have a few things to state first off about dealing with Sun Pei from Sunbaby Diapers.  This momma is awesome and so willing to help you if you have questions.  She is also very kind and generous.  I am so glad that I was lucky enough to work with her and get to know her.  I know that some mommas out there like to keep things in the US and I can certainly understand that desire but I have to point out that Sun Pei is a hard working individual just like many mommas who own companies in the United States.  I have thoroughly appreciated getting to know her.

I originally contacted Sun Pei to see what the differences were between the size 1 and size 2 diapers.  I was curious.  I have tiny kids so both my two and a half year old and my baby fit easily in the size 1s so there was no real need for me to look into the size 2s but I always like to learn about new products and updates.

Here are a couple of shots to show you the difference in a size 1 and size 2.

Here is Miss Adeline in a size 1.  She is 5 1/2 mos old in these pictures and approximately 14 lbs.  You will see that both of the diapers fit her well.  However it is my opinion that the size 1 fits a bit better.  Of course I would want to point out that if you have chunkier babies or babies with thick thighs that I would highly recommend the size 2s.  I would also consider what age the babay was when purchasing these.  If you were buying for a newborn then I would highly recommend going with the size 1s but if you are buying for an older baby then I would highly recommend the size 2s.

And here are the size 2s.

You can kind of see some leg gaps when I was moving her around in the size 2s so that is why I said that for us the 1s would be my choice at this size.  I am sure as she grows that I will love them both equally as well.

Please check out the summer cloth diaper giveaway hop and enter for your chance to win a size 2 Sunbaby diaper in Circles print.  I love these sand would love for you to get to try them out as well.  Plus remember that the total value of this giveaway is over $200 so you could really give your stash a make over or if you are new to cloth diapers you could get a nice starter stash going.

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