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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spotlight Review Simply Cloth

If you have ever owned Bum Genius APLIX diapers there is a good chance that you are absolutely in love with them.  You might even find that they are some of your favorites.  The down side to this is that you have probably realized at some point that the APLIX is not going to work as well as you had hoped that it would.  This could be pretty frustrating for you or at least it was for me.  One thing that I had heard about and instantly became curious of is the fact that I could have the APLIX converted to snaps.  This is when I found Simply Cloth on Etsy.

Simply Cloth is one of the shops where I found that the owner, Audrey, was very reasonable in her price of the conversion.  I had seen these prices ranging and some of them were pretty high.  Audrey had her priced under $4 a piece which was not that much money to convert the diapers into something that I was going to really love.

I was kind of nervous to be honest because I knew that I could get the APLIX replaced and sell them since I like snaps better with Adeline.  With Huxley I had liked APLIX better until he was older.  I find it odd that I liked different diapers and do not know if it is just that by the time that Adeline came around I had cloth diapered for two years and was much more experienced or if it was that they are just shaped differently and these are what fit her better.  I can't answer this since I only have the experience cloth diapering two littles and so far two toddlers.  I think that it was probablky the previous and that I did not know how to get the snaps on them right to get them to not leak.

So I had my diapers converted, part of them were done for the review but I did have some additional ones done.  I forgot to take before pictures of the diapers but here are the afters.

These all have matching snaps.

And this one has the contrasating snaps.  I personally prefer the matching to be honest but I do think that the contrasting are cute and I know that a lot of people prefer the contrasting.

In addition to these I received some wipes from her.  There are some wipes and they are flannel.  Some of them are single layer flannel while some of them are double.

These are the double layer.

These are the single layer flannel.

If you would like to win some of the wipes and a gift certificate for $15 (for a total value of $25) then you can enter to win my Summer Cloth Dipaer Hop Giveaway.  These are the items that are included in this.

Audrey was very generous and also is offering a great giveaway package for all of your nursing moms out there.  She is offering one pair or each overnight, everyday, and organic nursing pads and a wash bag for a total value of $20.  In addition she is allowing the winner to pick out the thread color.  You can check out this giveaway here.

Of course I want you to get to know Audrey.  Audrey decided to start Simply Cloth after going on a shopping spree with ehr obsession for purchasing fabric.  She ended up with many different fabrics and had no projects that she was going to get started with.  The first thing that she made was her cloth nursing pads.  After having her son in 2010, she decided that she loved them so much that it became her go to gift for friends and family members when she was invited to baby showers.  When everyone that she knew with babies had them she decided that it was time to sell them to others that she didn't know.
She then decided that she was going to purchase the snap press to make her own diapers but she ended up just buying all of her own diapers because she loved them so much.  She also decided that she would use the snap press to make her own mama cloth.  Her husband told her that she could purchase the presses as long as she was going to be offering these same services to others.  From there she fell in love with the world of diaper refressing.  She said that she enjoyed it far more than she thought that she would and she is happy that others are interested in taking advantage of this service.
Today at her Simply Cloth Etsy store she offers these repairs and diaper snap conversions as I had done above.  Her current goal is to build up the inventory in her Etsy shop so that she can offer more items for others to purchase.  She has said that she loves to sew anything.  While she has only been making items for moms and babies for her shop she has done a variety of other projects for herself and those around her.
Her mantra is that if she sees something that she likes she knows that she can make it herself.  She loves to be able to try new things and is happily accomplished with what the finished results are.  She grew up and resides in Utah.  Audrey is going through more exciting changes than those in her Etsy shop as she is currently a stay at home mom eagerly awaiting the arrival of her third child this September.  She says that she loves being a mom and is happily busy with her little ones.
I had to add that aside from the above items her Etsy shop has this adorable bib.  I love it and if it were in pink I would probably have already purcahsed it so hopefully she will be adding some more in girly colors.
Baby Bib

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