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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review Jemma Jewel

One of the biggest problems that I find is that my children get bored when we are out at a restaraunt or when we are not home.  I hate trying to come up with things for them to do and I always feel like my diaper bag weighs a ton when I am trying to keep all of the kids' toys straight and stuff.  So I am always searching for different products that are available for kids.  When I was recently looking for something that I thought that they would love I came across the Kid Kit that is sold by Jemma Jewel

When I saw it I knew that my kids had to have one and that I had to try it out because it advertised that it had six activities in one bag.  This immediately sparked my interest because I wanted to be able to get something that was small and would not take up a ton of room but would also offer a variety of activities that all of my children would enjoy. 

SPECIAL OFFER, Extra Activity Booklet w/ Purchase of The Original KidKit , Children's Reusable Travel/Activity Kit, 6 Activities in Owl Bag

The picture online was interesting but I didn't quite understand what all was included or how much my kids would enjoy the kit just by looking at it.  Jemma, from Jemma Jewel was wonderful when I was talking to her about the product and not only did she send me the kit but she also sent me an additional activity book (to be used with the special sleeve) and an additional sticker pack so that these two items would cover all age ranges of my children who would be playing with the kit.  The Kid Kit is very reasonably priced too at just $38 you can get a lot of entertainment and end up with a lot for your money.

Of course the first thing that I noticed about the kit was how cute it was and the fact that it had an owl on the front of it.  This meant that it was just a little bit cuter in my opinion.

The kit included a variety of items but this one was the most popular among my children.  This is a special sleeve that the activity book can be slid into when opened and folded.  This way your child can do the acitivities over and over again without having the problem of the acitivity book being filled in.  It would also allow more than one child to enjoy the same activity book.  This was one of the most popular items in the kid kit according to my children who fought over it. I plan on ordering three new sleeves and a few new activity books to add to our kid kit so that each of my four children will have their own sleeve in the future.

Here is one of the activity books for the kid kit.  This one is for children aged three to six.  I have not posted pics of the entire book but after the picture of the cover there are a few pages for you to have an idea of what you will find inside.  I truly loved playing with this almost as much as Althea did. 

The next item that I cam across was this adorable owl chalkboard with the lacing strings.  It has two activities in one.  My children can work on lacing the owl or they can use chalk and draw on the chalk board.  Best of all they can erase the chalk and create a new pattern or design and do it all over again.

These are sticker shape packs.  The way that they work is that your child gets to find the shpaes that are in the picture and then put the stickers that have the same shapes on them. I love this idea.  I did notice in the current picture from the website that it looks like there are small foam shapes instead of these stickers and I do believe that this would be a bit better because you would be able to use them again and again if the shapes were just to be set on top instead of stuck on.  Although I must also admnit the other side to this which is that if the shapes were not stickers they would not be very pracitical in a car or something that was moving like an airplane.

The next items inthe kit were the scraping stick and the magic rainbow paper.  My children love this type of paper so I have actually saved this one back and have still not let them use it. I think that it will be a great one to pull out sometime when they are really bored somewhere and starting to get cranky. 

Here is another shot of the sticker pack and how it comes packaged to you.

Now this is something that I had never ever seen before getting the kit.  It is the most fun little toy called Wikki Stix.  In reality they are just short pieces of different colored yarn that has been dipped in wax.  They can bend and twist and easily stick together.  I did get the idea that sometime I was going to try and make a homemade version of these with my kids because they enjoyed them so much and I think that the idea was great but they did get kind of yucky and I ended up having to get rid of them.   I would love to be able to replace them.

This is the additional fun pages booklet that was sent to me.  This one was labeled as being for ages 7-9.  My son is 8 and really enjoyed these.  He did say that some of them were a bit easy but he is very advanced for his age and he did do them over again which is saying a lot considering how hyper he is and often he does not play with things more than once.

These are sticker pages that are a bit more advanced for older children as well.

So as you can tell the Kid Kit is one great product that is offered by Jemma Jewel.  There are additional products that are available at Jemma's shop as well.

It would appear that the shop's biggest selling item is the gorgeous jewelery that you can purchase.  I personally am in love with this mom and baby heart necklace found here that costs $234. 

Mom & Baby Heart Charms, Gold on Silver Necklace

There are many other adorable necklaces and designs that range in price.  This was one of the more high end pieces of jewelry that is sold.

I also found the maternity clothing items to be adorable.  I wish that I had found this shop when I was still having babies because I would have purchased some maternity clothes from Jemma Jewel to wear for myself.  I have to post the following pic becuase this is one of the cutest maternity shirts that I have ever seen and I have four children so I have seen a lot of maternity clothes.  This is the Women's Prima Hummingbird Hoodie with Bell Sleeves and it is sold for $44.

Women's Maternity Pima Cotton Hummingbird Hoodie w/ Bell Sleeves and Kangaroo Pocket

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