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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Giveaway and Book Party...Order Your Initials Inc Now, Come on You Know You Want To!!

So here are all of the links and information that you need to order from my Initials Inc book party.  I am hoping that you will all enjoy their products as much as I do and that you will find them to be a great value.  There is even an amazing customer shopportunity and if you choose to book a party for the month of June the hostess bonus is awesome as well.  I have all of these outlined with pictures below for you too so that you will know exactly what you are getting.  I did a review of one of the products and showed you a few of my favorite things from the company here.

Remember after you place an order to please leave a comment below.  I am going to be working with the lovely Miss Abbie to offer some type of special prize for one of you.  Of course this is going to largely depend on the amount of sales that I have total for the orders.

You can access the book party here.  There are so many amazing things that you will find.  If you are interested in the products that I have tried and the ones that I have seen and am determined to try you can check them out in my review.

The amazing shopportunity is that you can pick up a Get a Grip for $15 or Get a Grip Large for $22, yep that's right 50% off for every $35 you spend.

I knkow that I could find a lot of uses for these.  In fact, the Get A Grip is on my wish list (well technically four of them are) because I want one for each of my four kids in the car.  I think that they have the right amount of pockets to make in the car activity bags.  I also would love a Get a Grip Large for myself.  So just thinking if you have the same type of household that I do you can purchase one of these for every $35 that you spend at half price.  What a great opporutnity for you.

Once you have ordered please leave a comment below.  You will be entered into a drawing for a prize that will at least have a retail value of $30 and if my party hits over $1000 total then you will have a chance to get your entire order reimbursed (less shipping and handling charges).  I hope that we can hit this goal and that one of you can get a free order of these amazing products.

For additional chances you can follow my blog, like me on Facebook, like Abbie's Initials Inc page on Facebook, follow me on Twitter MomtoAJandAllie.  You can get an additional entry for making me your Intials Inc wish list. 

Make sure that you post a comment for each of the entries that you are interested in.

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