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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Giveaway Mattie Cake's Nail Polish

So here is the great giveaway for you from Mattie Cake's All Natural Nail Polish.  There are so many great products to choose from that you should check it out as well as being able to purchase the nail polish.

If you are interested in learning more about this nail polish you can check out their website, Etsy shop, or my review of them.

Now on to the giveaway.  Here are the products that you will win.

Good luck. 

I attempted to use Rafflecopter with this one but for some reason the website for Rafflecopter will not work.  I promise to use Rafflecopter though in the future to be able to help with things and make sure that you are getting to enter my giveaways in the easiest ways possible. 

For now you will have to comment individually for each of the chances that you want to enter below.

First of all you will have to enter by becoming a follower of mine and entering your email address for me below so that I can contact you.  This is chance #1.

Chance #2 Visit Mattie Cake's shop on Etsy and tell me the number of sales that they have had.  Please do not cheat off of the person in front of you and keep in mind that their sales could change at any time and that could cause the person before you's answer to be wrong.

Chance #3 Become friends with Mattie Cake's Natural Nail Polish on Facebook.

Chance #4 Look at Mattie Cake's Natural Nail Polish's website and let me know your favorite color of nail polish that is on there.

Chance #5 Purchase any Mattie Cake's Natural Nail Polish and let me know that you purchased it.

Chance #6 Become one of my followers on Twitter MomtoAJandAllie

Chance #7  Like my Facebook Fan Page.

Remember that this is a great product and something that I would stand behind one hundred percent since it is such a favorite of mine.


  1. I am now following your blog, my email is akgreene1@yahoo.com

  2. Maddie cakes etsy shop has had 3 sales

  3. I'm now friends with Mattie cakes natural nail polish on my Facebook.

  4. I "liked" your Facebook fan page.

  5. I didn't see any names of the polishes pictured on the website but my favorite color for my little girl would be any of the hot pink, bright pink colors, the glitter polishes pictured are pretty but id love to see a watermelon or coral pink color too. I like that she can make almost any color too.

  6. I follow your blog via GFC as Olivia L
    olivialasting at gmail dot com

  7. The etsy shop has had 3 sales so far.

  8. Following you on twitter as @OliviaLasting

  9. I liked your FB page as Olivia Lambert Lasting

  10. dumblegirl@gmail.com Follow you here

  11. the shop has had 3 sales! dumblegirl@gmail.com

  12. Friends on FB as Mihael Keehl.

  13. OLIVIA L! COMMENT #8 was the winner!!!