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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Review gingerbilly

I seldom find a lot of owl goodies that I love for boys.  When it comes to my girls I am overwhelmed by all of the goodies that I find but when it comes to my son's owls well it is just harder for me to find something that he is going to like or something that does not look girly.  So I was excited when I found gingerbilly and I discovered their adorable namesake owls.  Not only do they not look girly, they are definitely something that Huxley can grow with and keep around in his room for quite some time to come before it gets saved for the future of course.  For some reason I can not bring myself to get rid of any of the personalized items that I buy my kids.

So when I got the chance to review this adoreble namesake owl I was ecstatic.  I love it and think that it is so cute.  I especially love that I was able to customize the name, because let's face it Huxley is not a name that is common.

Gingerbilly is a new shop on Etsy and she has mei tai baby carriers as well.  There are several that I would love to get my hands on and test out because I love my mei tais.  I love how the straps look well padded on this one and how the sipmlistic design is still beautiful.  It was very pretty and something that I would happy to wear.

Mei Tai Baby Carrier

The other item that can currently be found in her shop is the bunny stuffies.  It is actually two feet tall and has a variety of features that make it both safe for babies and something that you will not mind them playing with.

Sweater Bunny

The created of Gingerbilly is Anne and she originally created the mei tai baby carriers with her husband to be able to carry her own baby.  She is a new shop and just getting on her feet and was a delight to deal with.  Please contact her and find out if there is anything that you would be interested in ordering from her as she is going to make you happy if you do.

Anne started Gingerbilly when she moved back home to Texas from Missoula Minnesota.  The items that she had in the shop were things that she had first made for herself and tested out.  She has one twenty month old daughter and has a second daughter that will be born any day now.  So a big congratulations on the arrival of your second little one from me.  Children are such a blessing and the miracle of each little person is so amazing to me with each baby that I hold.

She made these items for friends who encouraged her to get the Etsy shop going.  She is going to be adding diaper bags to the shop when she has had the baby.  Anne's main desire when creating these items was to be able to find something for her daughter that was not the same pink and the same color scheme as everything else.  This is also a factor as to why I was so excited to try out the namesake owls for myself.

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