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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review Lottie's Den

I was ecstatic when I found out that the wonderful Kim from Lottie's Den wanted to work with me.  She is a stay at home mom to three children.  She resides in a small town named Moree in Australia.  She started working on this venture after having went to school to be a teacher when she began having problems after the floods that devastated the area.  She had been making things all along to make herself feel better from time to time and was still working as a teacher until her third child was ready to be born.  It was at this time that she decided to stay home and create these gorgeous pieces of clothing and I for one am glad that she did.  Her frist ventures in selling clothes were at a local market after having a high level of success she decided to start Lottie's Den.

Kim loves that she gets to relax with sewing and enjoys creating high quality clothing for all of us to love.  She hopes to grow Lottie's Den into a larger business and knows that with the feedback that she has gotten that she is off to something new.  She believes that her sewing improves with every item that she makes but I honestly could not find any mistakes in the two items that she sent to me.  She also works hard to create her own patterns so that her clothes are truly unique and something that she alone has created.  Kim first created clothing that went from newborn to size 2 but today the line expands to a size 6, which is very exciting for me since my oldest daugther just moved into a size 4.  The hope is that one day Lottie's Den will have a world wide following and reputation.

There are so many things to love in the shop.  I am going to show you a few of my favorites but know that it was very hard not to give you all some photograph overload and copy pictures of everything.

I love this adorable cupcake outfit and at $35.00 it is a good deal in my opinion.

Size 0 Outfit - Cupcake pants and matching suit

I also love the apple pants that are just $20 from the shop.  I think that these are adorable and they would be perfect for when we went to the apple orchard to pick apples.

Apple Pants

I think that these tank tops or singlets as Kim calls them are the cutest thing that I have ever seen and they are just $12.  I can't believe what a steal they are.

Owl Singlets\

Sticking to my apple theme here are the cutest apple bloomers that I have ever seen.  They are so cute and would look adorable on Miss Adeline so much so that I might just have to buy them for her first trip to the orchard.

Pink and Green Apple Bloomers

Kim generously sent me a few different items to review.  She sent me an adorable dress for Miss Adeline and some adorable bobbie pins and a skirt to match for Miss Althea.  The girls look very cute in each of these items.

Here is a picture of the adorable hair clips.  Althea has not yet worn these because she has very thin hair and these bobbie pin type hair clips will not yet stay in her hair.  I am sure that they will get a ton of wear in the future though because I love them so much and I tend to put my girls in things that I love more often than others.

Here is a shot of the skirt and dress together.  They are so cute.  I didn't realize until I went to write this post that I never did get a shot of the girls together wearing these but I am going to make it a priority over the weekend so that I can dress them all cute for some events that we are going to.

 I thought that this one was cute with Miss Althea getting excited and eagerly pointing to her new skirt.  It is so funny to me that the girl loves clothes as much as I do.  In fact I get annoyed because she changes so often and I have to clean up her dresser drawers more than toys because she is always playing in them with her clothes.

Here is a picture of Adeline's dress by itself.  I love the owl material.  It has a really nice texture and is just so cute.  In fact I plan on putting this dress on a piece of white posterboard and actually framing it in a poster frame and hanging it up in Adeline's room because I think that it would look adorable on her wall.

Here is the skirt that was sent for Althea.  I know that it says it was a size 2 and I know that Althea is almost 4 but in reality it fits really well.  She is just a tiny and petite child so clothes that are supposed to fit would simply be too big on her.

 This is Adeline on the day that she turned 5 mos old.  I think that she looks adorable but I will admit the newborn size was a bit short on her so I would probably add a cute diaper cover since I cloth diaper or a cute pair of bloomers with it so that it was not noticable that it was so short.

This face that she is making in this one makes me smile and again I have to say that I love Lottie's Den and the products that she has.  I can't wait to own more of them and would happily recommend Kim and her fabulous clothes to anyone that I know.

And here she is looking at something that she finds interesting.  I think that she is wanting to crawl really bad here but that skill was one that she just had not yet mastered at this point.  So you should defintiely visit Lottie's Den on Etsy and you should also check out the Facebook page.
If you have any questions do not hestitate to contact Kim as she has been fabulous to work with.

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