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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review Kreative Corner Designs

Kreative Corner Designs is a review that I am super excited to be bringing to you.  I love so many of the things in this Etsy shop that I seriously would like to buy them all.  The only problem that I have is the obvious one in that I do not have enough money to buy them all.  I have such a hard time not being a billionaire or at least a millionaire.  (I'm hoping that you are all getting a chuckled out of that one.)

So I was very lucky to get the one decal to review.  I think that it is going to go into Althea's room.  I think that it is going to look so cute in there and be something that I absolutely love to look at when I enter into the room.

Before I reveal the one that I am reviewing I am going to be showing you the ones that I would love to have.  I am hoping to be able to get these in the next few months and use them to finally complete our home. 

I would love to have this one because I always said this to Andrew, my oldest, and I think that it would be a nice addition to his room without being too babyish.  The I Love You To the Moon and Back decal is just $12 too which is a steal in comparison to some of the ones that are out there.

I Love You To The Moon And Back Vinyl Decal

To be honest with the addition of this one and the ones that I already have to hang in Andrew's room his room would be completely finished after this and some storage items from IKEA.

I would love to add these to Adeline's room. 

The first is the "I'm a Dream Come True" decal.  I love this one and it is so true because after number three I really did not feel that I was done in my heart but we had decided that we were not going to have any more.  I now know that I was just waiting for Adeline to come along and fill that last little space in my heart.   I think that this one with the next one set in the middle on top of it would make the perfect focus wall in her new room.  The theme of my youngest three's rooms is owls and Adeline's space is going to be purple owls.

I'm A Dream Come True  Vinyl Decal

Owl Vinyl Decal

Now I do want to note that the one that is listed in the shop is not this size but to make it this size it would just cost $22.  I love the fact that it would be so inexpensive and so big.  My goal for her wall was to have something in the center (I think that I've found it in these two decals) and to have pictures on both sides with white frames.  I then have a hair bow holder and a pink owl picture frame that would go on the other walls and her room would be finished.

I love this one for my room behind our bed.  We like a more minimalist look since we have to have so many dressers for our clothes that I just want a decal instead of a headboard to kind of separate and frame out our room.  I am hoping to make this one my choice.  It's cost is $20.

Always Kiss Me Goodnight-Vinyl Decal

I think that this would look perfect in my dining room.

Life Isn't About Waiting For The Storm To Pass.... Vinyl Decal

I would love to add this to Althea's room.

It's The Little Things That Make Life Big Vinyl Decal

I think that this would make the greatest addition to my fridge as it needs cleaned off reorganized and made clutter free. 

Large Chalkboard Label Decal

I think that this one would be great on the long wall in my room above the dressers.  Such a romantic and heart felt saying and I tell Shane all of the time how I want to grow old with him so I think that it would be a perfect representation of us.

Grow Old With Me The Best Is Yet To Be... Vinyl Decak

I love this one too and think that I'd put it in our downstairs bathroom as it is shown in a bathroom here.  I love the idea of seeing something so inspirational as I am brushing my teeth and putting on my make up.

Begin Each Day With A Smile Vinyl Decal

I want these two for my living room.

Here is the first....

Life Is Not Measured by the breaths you take.....Vinyl Decal
....and the second.

Dance, Love, Sing, Live Vinyl Decal
Lastly here is the one that I would like to add to Huxley's room. 

Wish it...Dream it... Do it Vinyl Decal

Now I get to share the one that I have that is going to start Althea's room.  It is so cute and I think that it is going to be perfect in her room. 

Owl Always Love You Wall Decal

I did not choose it in these colors though.  I actually chose colors that would coordinate well with the pink paint that is going to be on the walls.

I can't wait to get it hung up and to add some pictures of their finished rooms on here.  I hope that you are as excited as I am.  I am hoping to have all of the organization and clean up done tomorrow so that I can start painting this weekend or next week.  My parents are actually camping in town for a month so I am hoping to get the painting done while they can play with and hang out with my little ones for me.

As you can tell Kreative Corner Designs offers a lot of choices for you.  There is sure to be something that you are going to love as much as those that I love.  You should also check out their Facebook page and like them because as a small business with a great owner I know that they would be happy to have your support.

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